Thursday, December 11, 2014

MOTD 12 December 2014

Here's my office look when I want to present a simple make up but still look glamour for any office event or meetings..

If you want a long-stay make up, you should wear your favourite face primer. I have bad skin lately so I choose to skip primer this time, and as you can see I skip many steps like highlighter, contour, and finishing powder to let my skin breathing.. The key is draw attention on your eye and lips so that people will forget your pores, spots, or any skin problem appeared..

1. Face Primer : -
2. Foundation : L'oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder #316
3. Concealer : -
4. Setting Powder : Chanel Universelle Compacte #30
5. Eyeshadow : Too Faced Chocolate Bar (Champagne Truffle, Marzipan, Creme Brulee, Candied Violet, Triple Fudge)
6. Eyebrow : NYX Eyebrow Pencil Dark Brown
7. Eyeliner : Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon Jazzberry, Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er Precision Pen Blaquer, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils Ransom
8. Mascara : Diorshow Waterproof Mascara
9. Lashes : -
10. Bronzer / Blush : Tory Burch Bronzer & Blush Divine 01
12. Highlighter : -
13. Contour : -
14. Finishing Powder : -
15. Lipstick : Nars Audacious Juliette

Happy Friday Folks

Thursday, December 4, 2014

MOTD 27 November 2014 (Latepost)

In addition to my review of Diorific Duo Lipstick, I also want to share about my MOTD using that lippie and other products

Here we go :
1. Face Primer : Guerlain L'or Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold (not in the picture)
2. Foundation : Chanel Vitalumière Satin Smoothing Fluid Make Up #20
3. Concealer : -
4. Setting Powder : -
5. Eyeshadow : Urban Decay Naked 1, Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow #6 Black Pearl
6. Eyebrow : Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Ebony (not in the picture)
7. Eyeliner : Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner Black Ink
8. Mascara : Benefit They're Real
9. Lashes : -
10. Bronzer : The Balm Betty-Lou Manizer
11. Blush : Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Diffused Heat
12. Highlighter : The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer
13. Contour : -
14. Finishing Powder : Guerlain Meteorites Perles D'etoile
15. Lipstick : Diorific Lip Duo #003 Daring Shock (first put the matte all over the lips then followed by metallic only in the center)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Diorific Lipstick 003 Daring Shock

As promised I will review Duo Lipstick from Dior Holiday 2014 Golden Shock Collection. The one catching my sight is no 003 Daring Shock since I have too much dark/bold lipstick and looking for bit bright one.

The case is the cutest that I've ever seen.. Shaped in dumbell-like and golden colored, this is absolutely a must have.. It is really difficult to take picture since it is mirrory and keep reflecting my hands or my phone. Plus, I missed last year edition and this year Dior release such a unique item, this piece is two in one lipstick! I'm a happy girl! See my review on another item from Dior Holiday 2014 Collection: Pink Illuminating Powder here

Parted vertically are matte and metallic. I was looking at the swatch some bloggers did and found it is quite different with what I see for real. In reality, I found this Daring Shock Matte side has softer color when applied on lips and brighter when swatched on the back of my hand. The metallic is not really metallic, I think it is more shimmery than metallic and appeared very soft (only give slight of shine) both on lips or hand.

I applied it without lip brush, matte first on full lips then just light swap in the centre of lips. For clumsy people (it has to be include moi!), better to use lip brush for application to avoid breaking or maybe just to make sure that the color not mixed up.

The texture of both side are not sticky. It is pigmented for matte side and it does not dry my lips and quite moisturizing, not like other matte lipstick. While for metallic side is sheer and shiny. When applied together it last up to 5 hours with a bit fading and tranfering. But it stains even after I was eating. What lipstick could stay 100% after you eat oily dish and drink water a lot!? NONE! So I think stays up to 5 hours and keep staying after eating is a big achievement..

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dior Pink Shock Illuminating Powder

I've been waiting for Dior Holiday 2014 since I saw their advertisement few months ago.. Clearly that I'm always attracted by Dior's products and feeling bad because I was missing last year holiday edition..
(Saya telah menunggu Dior Holiday 2014 sejak saya melihat fotonya beberapa bulan lalu. Sudah jelas bahwa saya selalu tertarik pada produk Dior dan menyesal kelewatan edisi holiday tahun lalu)

From all golden pieces in this collection, I've put their illuminating powder, duo lipstick and nail polish in my wishlist.
(Dari semua koleksi emas ini, saya memilih illuminating powder, duo lipstick dan nail polish nya untuk masuk dalam daftar saya)

At first, I think the golden illuminating powder was on my priority. Sadly, it comes in yellowish colour which I am not too brave to use. So I ended up asking my friend to buy Pink Shock instead. (I also bought one duo lipstick, but no nail polish since I rarely use nail polish anymore. Will do the review of lipstick soon!)
(Pertama-tama, saya berpikir bahwa illuminating powder emas berada pada urutas atas barang yang ingin saya beli. Sayangnya, warnanya kekuning-kuningan dan saya tidak berani untuk pakai. Jadi saya meminta teman saya membelikan yang warna pink saja. Saya juga beli sebiji duo lipstick tapi saya tidak beli nail polish karena sudah jarang pakai. Ulasan lipsticknya menyusul segera ya!)

After receiving and unboxing my package, I saw golden box there containing my pink shock. Slowly opening the box and it was beyond what I expected. I deeply in love with that gold reflective packaging. Honestly I didn't know what the case looks like because I only saw the inside on internet.
(Setelah menerima dan membuka paket, disanalah kotak emas berisi Pink Shock saya. Dengan hati-hati saya membuka kotaknya dan apa yang saya temukan melebihi harapan saya. Saya jatuh hati pada packaging emasnya yang reflektif. Sejujurnya saya tidak tahu bagaimana rupa wadahnya karena yang saya lihat di internet hanya isinya saja)

It is in round shape, smaller in diameter than another usual powder or highlighter. But I think it's deep enough because it is quite thick. It certainly have mass and quite heavy and with that it increasing the feel of luxury.
(Bentuknya bulat, diameternya lebih kecil daripada bedak atau highlighter kebanyakan. Tapi kelihatannya cukup dalam karena cukup tebal. Terasa berbobot dan cukup berat dan dengan demikian semakin terasa mewah)

It comes with velvety pouch and application brush. The brush handle is also gold! When tried the product, I used the original brush and it is well applied. I'm happy with it! Several times I found some products with brush but the quality of the brush is not good enough, such a waste!
(Dilengkapi dengan kantong beludru dan kuas aplikasi. Pegangan kuasnya juga warna emas! Saat mencoba produknya, saya menggunakan kuas aslinya dan pemakaiannya cukup bagus. Saya senang sekali! Beberapa kali saya menemukan produk dengan kuas namun kualitas kuasnya tidak cukup bagus. Sayang..)

Now we move to what's inside. Just like the name, it is pink illuminating powder with emboss that some people describe as rose. I just prayed that I spent my money in the right place considering this piece is expensive (thanks God they let us know months before so we can save for this). I hope that it is not too pinky or too shimmery on my face.
(Sekarang mari kita bahas dalamnya. Seperti namanya, ini adalah pink illuminating powder dengan emboss yang beberapa orang mendeskripsikannya sebagai mawar. Saya hanya berharap bahwa saya tidak salah membeli barang mengingat ini cukup mahal. Thanks God mereka memberitahu kita beberapa bulan sebelum mereka mengeluarkan produk sehingga kita bisa menabung untuk ini. Saya berharap ini tidak akan terlalu pink atau berkilau di wajah saya.)

Then I tried to take the powder with the brush. It is soft and transfered easily to my face. But remember to take it lightly to have just a glance of pink highlight. The colour is definitely pretty and unique. While another highlighter gives you white/golden glow, this one gives you pink! The good pink, not a shocking pink like its name.
(Lalu saya mencoba mengambil sedikit dengan kuasnya. Ini sangat lembut dan dapat dengan mudah menempel ke wajah saya. Tapi harus diingat untuk tidak mengambil terlalu banyak bila ingin mendapatkan sedikit kilauan bersemu pink. Warnanya cantik dan unik. Kalau highlighter lain memberikan efek kilau putih/emas, yang ini memberi kilau pink! Pink yang bagus, bukan pink mencolok seperti namanya)

I use this as highlighter on my cheek and my bridge nose. It stays on my skin in this hot and humid weather for about 6 hours already. I think if you have spare money and need or want or love unique highlighter, this one is recommended for you.
(Saya memakainya sebagai highlighter pada pipi dan tulang hidung. Dia bertahan cukup lama di kulit saya pada cuaca panas dan lembab selama kurang lebih 6 jam sejauh ini. Menurut saya, bila kamu punya uang berlebih dan memerlukan atau menginginkan atau mencintai highlighter yang unik, yang satu ini bagus untukmu)

Also made video about this, check on my instagram @deavalence
(Saya juga membuat video tentang ini, kamu dapat melihatnya di instagram saya @deavalence)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Overwhelmed by Nature Part 1

This is a latepost but I still want to share with you how I was amazed with what nature provides..

Around 2 weeks ago, we had to cut down our coconut tree due to our house widening process.. After an hour or so, when my husband came back there to check, our workers all sat down and gathered round and ate something greedily..

When he asked what they ate, one of our worker showed the part of coconut branch that can be eaten. So my husband got some and gave it to me.. People here called this "krambil" and usually eat it raw.

Surprisingly I really like the taste. The taste is like young coconut, but the texture is solid and juicy similar with bengkoang. My husband only ate a bit while I was eating a big bunch..!!

I could not eat more than two piece because of the Full-Sensation it gaves me (When you are lost in the middle of tropical jungle/island, remember this can be source of food). So I decided to process the rest, add spices and more veggie.. It is delicious with warm white rice.. Hope you can try it someday.. (Continue to Part 2)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Chantecaille 15 Year Anniversary Eye Shadow Trio

My first Chantecaille is this Eye Shadow Trio.. It has three beautiful natural colors and animal emboss which make it more interesting (since I'm animal lover, I really appreciate how they concern about this cause).

Weight 7g and considered big for trio shadow. Have a lovely metalic chrome packaging and I love how they keep it so simple.

So sad they have lack pigmentation and bit powdery. The colour is very wearable though. So I swatched it without primer, with Benefit Stay Don't Stray and Urban Decay Potion Primer Original for you to compare. And the problem solved! Just see the picture below

I also did Face of the Day with this palette. Go check it out! (Link will be given later)

(Chantecaille pertama saya adalah Eye Shadow Trio ini. Terdiri dari tiga warna natural yang cantik dan emboss hewan yang membuatnya makin menarik - karena saya adalah pencinta hewan, saya sangat menghargai mereka mempedulikan isu terntang hewan-hewan tersebut.

Beratnya 7 gram dan terbilang besar untuk sebuah Eye Shadow Trio. Packagingnya cantik berwarna chrome metalik dan saya suka mereka membuatnya tetap simple.

Sayang nya produk ini kurang pigmentasi dan sedikit powdery. Namun warnanya sangat bisa digunakan sehari-hari. Jadi saya membuat swatch tanpa primer, menggunakan Benefit Stay Don't Stray, dan Urban Decay Primer Potion Original sebagai pembanding. Dan masalahnya telah terpecahkan. Lihat foto-foto di bawah.

Saya juga melakukan make up dengan palet ini. (link menyusul)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sephora Puckerlicious Set

Who doesn't love minis with affordable price..? You can try more items without emptied your wallet. Yes, Sephora knows it well.. They offer Limited Edition Set called Sephora Puckerlicious. One set contains of 2 Fullsize Lippies (NYX and Tarte) and 3 Mini Size Lippies, plus you have Sephora Pouch as bonus..

Usually in a set I find one or two items I don't like.. But in this case I'm in love with every one of them. They are all lovely and wearable..

(Siapa sih yang ga suka sama barang imut dengan harga terjangkau? Bisa coba beberapa macam tanpa bikin dompet kosong. Sephora tau benar tentang itu. Mereka menawarkan Sephora Puckerlicious Set Limited Edition. Satu set terdiri dari 2 lippies ukuran normal dan 3 ukuran mini, juga dapat kantong Sephora loh.

Biasanya dalam satu set ada 1 atau 2 barang yang tidak saya suka. Namun kali ini saya jatuh cinta sama semuanya. Semua sangat cantik dan dapat digunakan sehari-hari)

So here is the review of Sephora Puckerlicious Set : (Jadi ini ulasannya)

1. NYX Butter Lipstick 0.16oz / 4.5gr in Taffy or Gumdrop (Full Size)

There are two options about the NYX Butter Lipstick Color. You can choose Taffy or Gumdrop. I'm sure if you are a Pinklover, you  don't want to miss this.. Both of them have really sweet pink color, Taffy darker than Gumdrop by a bit. (I get Taffy, the other one is my friend's!!)

Pigmentation quite good, but not really long lasting. I'm not huge fan of NYX, but I think Butter Lipstick series much better than Soft Matte Lip Cream. SMLC give a great matte finish, but it slowly drying my lips so I never wore it again eversince. In the other side Butter Lipstick feels so creamy and moist.

(Ada 2 pilihan warna NYX Butter Lipstick. Bisa pilih antara Taffy atau Gumdrop. Kalo kamu pencinta pink, ini tidak boleh dilewatkan. Dua-duanya punya warna pink yang manis, Taffy sedikit lebih gelap dari Gumdrop.

Pigmentation cukup baik namun kurang tahan lama. Saya bukan penggila NYX, tapi buat saya Butter Lipstick lebih baik daripada SMLC. Kalau SMLC hasil akhirnya matte keren, tapi lama kelamaan buat kering bibir, jadi saya tidak pernah pakai lagi.Sedangkan Butter Lipstick teksturnya creamy dan lembab.)

2. Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Gloss 8ml / 0.27 Fl.Oz in Blissful (Full Size)

This set is really worth it!! They even include full size Tarte complete with box!! What I love about this brand is they use organic ingredients and cruelty free..

At first I'm not really interested to try this gloss because of the colour, but when I put in my lips I just knew that this will be one of my favorite gloss. The colour is just nice and natural. You can wear it alone or on top of your lipstick. In the picture here, I was using it alone and I love it.

(Set ini benar tidak rugi. Bahkan sudah termasuk Tarte ukuran normal pakai box lagi. Saya suka produk mereka karena bahan-bahannya alami dan tidak melakukan kekerasan terhadap lingkungan - termasuk animal dan human.

Pertama sih kurang tertarik karena warnanya ga begitu suka. Tapi waktu sudah dicoba ternyata bagus banget sampe saya rasa ini bisa jadi salah satu gloss favorit saya. Warnanya bagus dan natural. Bisa pakai langsung atau tumpuk diatas lipstick kamu. Di foto, saya pake sendirian aja, tanpa lipstick dll)

3. Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick 5ml / 0.16 Fl.Oz in Fuchsia

No more talking about high raved Too Faced Melted. One of the most wanted item this year, often OOS at Sephora Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia (what about other countries?)

Luckily, I haven't bought Fuchsia so I'm happy they include this colour in this set.. Just look at how nice the colour is.. And I remember just 2 years ago, I never used bright colour on my lips, but you have no idea how I have been changed lately and how I love to wear brave colour on my days (I even wear Violet too!)

(Sudah tidak usah banyak dijelaskan lagi. Too Faced Melted salah satu produk yang paling banyak dicari tahun ini. Seringkali kehabisan stok di Sephora Indonesia, Singapore, dan Malaysia.

Beruntungnya, saya belum beli warna Fuchsia. Jadi senang sekali waktu tau dalam set ini ada warna ini. Lihat saja warnanya cantik. Saya teringat baru 2 tahun lalu saya tidak mungkin berani pakai warna mencolok begini. Tapi saya banyak berubah dan sekarang saya juga banyak pakai warna berani sehari-hari - bahkan saya pakai warna Violet juga)

4. Sephora Rouge Infusion 0.068 Fl.Oz in #10 Red Essence

I underestimate this item and I even thought to give it away. I'm glad I didn't.. The texture is great, the colour is eyepopping good, smell quite nice, and long lasting! Yes long lasting.. I have to wipe it using waterproof make up remover.. Suitable for night parties and of course for upcoming Halloween

(Saya terlalu merendahkan produk ini dan bahkan berpikir untuk memberikan ke saudara saya. Untunglah tidak jadi. Teksturnya bagus, warnanya bikin mata melotot - in a good way, aromanya cukup enak, dan tahan lama! Beneran tahan lama sampai saya harus hapusnya pakai penghapus make up waterproof. Cocok untuk dipakai malam dan tentu saja untuk Halloween yg akan datang)

5. Givenchy Le Rouge 1.5gr / .05 Oz in #202 Rose Dressing

First, it comes in a velvety super mini box..
Second, I think the colour is really wearable..
Third, absolutely collectible item..
Plus, the pigmentation and texture quite good, quite moisturizing, and makes me think to get the full size (maybe after I finish this cute little baby)

(Pertama, packagingnya velvet dan super mini.. Kedua, warnanya bisa dipakai kapan saja. Ketiga, bisa jadi koleksi. Tambah lagi pigmentation nya bagus, cukup lembab, dan bikin saya ingin beli ukuran normalnya - mungkin setelah yang ini habis ya)

Overall, this set is brilliant!! I don't have any regret spending each bucks on it.. Go get it now, it is Limited Edition!!

(Secara keseluruhan, set ini sangat okee.. Saya puas tidak membeli barang yang salah. Yang ingin beli buruan, edisi terbatas loh!!)