Monday, August 31, 2015

DIY Planner Insert from Recycle Materials

I was a planner girl in my school time, only that time I didn't have many decoration beside colorful pens. What I did was only write and draw in different colors each time. That time I didn't know cute tapes such as washi tape, character paper tape or fabric tape. I even did not have much stickers and didn't have money for it.

I was leaving my planner soon after I finish my education. I never write in my planner in my workplace and change to sticky notes and board. But Instagram made me missing my planner too much! There are so many wonderful planner account there.. And here I am drooling over their gorgeous collection and their cute pages.

When you are into this kind of decorative planning, of course you need lots of decoration. Either you buy them or make them.. The easiest way is of course to buy them. But sadly I don't have budget for planner decoration haul anymore since I spent too much on make up.. LOL

So, I ask you to join me making our own planner insert and decoration from mostly recycled materials. Let's start now..

1. Prepare all things you want to use for your planner insert..

2. I have very old planner from Gudang Garam (year 2008) that I rarely used because I already had another planner. I choose page that only got minimum notes in both front and back pages. This planner is A5 (?), and I want to make insert for my A6 planner.

3. Every girl have cute diary, right? So do I. Some pages not fully filled. So I cut down the empty part of the pages and will create notes or decoration from this later.

4. Bring out your decoration stuff, anything that you have.. I take out my washi sample (I made the template by myself too!), colorful notes, and used wrapping paper (it's from my birthday gift few years ago, luckily I didn't throw it away). 

5. The first thing we need to do is to measure the paper. I don't use ruler, I use other insert to measure.. Draw mark on the corner and cut using paper cutter. (I rarely use scissors for cutting straight line since paper cutter deliver more precise and neat cut). Don't worry about the old notes, we'll cover it later using decoration. I will show you how I hide the "Garde Manger" notes.

6. Decorate the paper using anything you like. It's your choice! You can use the date from old calendar (for me is taken from my old Gudang Garam too!). If you like to buy magz, there will be lots you could use for decorating. Packaging of snack that is made from paper can also be used. (See the first photo , date 04, the girl riding scooter/bicycle in the bottom left of the page is from my Goute biscuit packaging). The most important for me is to cover the old notes, basically I will push my creativity so the design will not be boring or too repeating..

7. This is the one after I finished decorating.. No one will know that it was a recycled from my 2008 Gudang Garam planner. Last step is to punch the 6-ring holes (depends on your planner type). If you don't have a 6 holes puncher like me, a single holes or two holes puncher will do. Again, use the other insert as measurement. Draw the mark and punch according to the marks one by one. (See date 11, the "Garde Manger" notes is now behind the red curtain.)

8. I hope you like it.. Now it's your turn.. Go go go!! Don't forget to tag me on my instagram @deavalence when you made some.. I woulf love to see them!

Thank you for reading.. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con No.7 The Siren

This is the only Marc Jacobs Eyeshadow Palette I have. I bought it last year but I rarely use it. Some of these pictures were taken few months ago but I always forget to write review about it.

Some bloggers have a hate-love relationship with Eye-Con no.7.. Some Eye-Cons became their favorite, but sometimes there is one of two pans that they hate so much because of lack of quality. Let see what I've got here.

Sorry I forget to take picture of the box and I'm a bad blogger because I'm too lazy to search among the huge pile of empty cosmetic boxes which I always keep until the product finish. (Am I consider a box hoarder??)

The paper box is slim which I like (therefore I couldn't find it easily this morning and I give up). Inside we got the black pouch wrapping the palette. The pouch is not a velvety pouch like I usually found on Chanel and Dior. The plus side, it is not capturing dust and fingerprint easily.

The palette itself is in white color made from hard plastic material with a very simple black "MARC JACOBS" in there. (The original case color is black, The Siren is a Limited Edition for Summer). The opening is a push-to-open and a close-until-you-hear-click-sound type, not a magnetic one. 

Applicator is included but sadly only one provided. I hope they will include another piece and other kind of brushes. But the sponge actually works okay although I still prefer to use my own brush set. It picks enough amount of eyeshadow and can be used to blend the color on our eyelids. I don't really like sponge eyeshadow applicator though.

Most Marc Jacobs Eyeshadow are in neutral color that suitable for daily use. But I'm in love with the most different one, The Siren, because the colors are so eyecatching and since I have so many neutrals on my collection, this would be a perfect palette to collect.

The quality is very good. This swatch is 1 swipe without primer. The texture of most colors is quite buttery, but I found the blue is a bit dry and chalky. Pigmentation is very good. Again, it is only 1 swipe and no primer, dear. 

I thought the color would be so bright that I would not dare to use and combine more than 2 colors at the same time. But guess what! I am totally wrong. Each color is actually softer than it seems. This palette is safe to use whenever you want a glimpse of rainbow color on your eyes.  

Below I create looks using The Siren and still not using primer.. For daily make up I love to keep it simple, I don't like to put so many layers on my skin. So here it is:

* Marc Jacobs The Siren : Pearly White, Copper, Yellow-Gold, Blue, Red
* Clinique Colour Surge Eyeshadow Duo : Like Mink
* Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner : Black Ink
* Marc Jacobs Highliner : Intro(vert)
* Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow : #30
* Lavie Lash : Luella

 Do you like it? Tell me what you think..

Thank you for reading.. Happy weekend..

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lucido-L Hair Vitamin Oil and Spray for Dry Hair Review


I have a long but happy ending story about Lucido-L. Few months ago I input my detail in Clozette Indonesia to apply for Lucido-L sample. Then the courier bring me happy package around two weeks ago. Sadly the sample sachets leaking all over the envelope for some reason. I could not do any review since there was nothing left inside the sachets.

Still I appreciate that they send me samples, took picture (like I always do), post in my instagram and tag @luci_diary. Surprisingly they love my work and decide to send me full size product and ask me to choose which one I want. Then I choose products for Dry Hair according to my needs.

Lucido-L response is really satisfying and they also make a quick move. No more than a week later, they send me another happy mail. The package also safely arrived faster than I thought.

Pardon me for my long story, I just think I should mention about their good service. Now let's move to product review..

Lucido-L is a hair vitamin range from Mandom. Maybe we rarely know about Mandom (the company), but I'm sure everybody knows Gatsby, Pixy, and Pucelle. They are all very famous in Indonesia and are under Mandom company. (

Lucido-L is a triple beauty hair series which consist of hair vitamin oil and hair vitamin spray. Each of them has 3 variants: for normal hair, for dry hair, and for damaged hair. Here I will review the one for dry hair. If you want to know about other variants, kindly visit Mandom website or @luci_diary instagram.


It comes in a plastic box with a lot of detail written on the box. I always love when they provide information about the products. They even write that this 50ml oil is approximately for 50 times use!! 

It is basically a hair vitamin oil that we usually use after hair cleansing process (shampoo, conditioner, treatment), on damp hair before drying or styling. Lucido-L vitamin oil has Sunflower Oil, Vitamin A, C, E, Avocado Oil and Moisturizing Agent to help you maintaining healthy hair. 

The bottle is not as bulky as it seems. It is quite cute, not too heavy and the pump works well. It is impossible to overpump and get too much products like I have experienced with some other brand. 

See the picture below, I pump twice in my hand, and for my long hair, that's the dose of my half-head. So each time I would require 4 to 5 pumps. But don't worry, that's because I have long and thick hair and my hair conditions is too bad that I require that much. Most people use only 2 to 3 pumps each time.

The texture of the oil is soooooo love!! It is so lightweight and not oily at all. Not too thick, and not too runny. It smells nice too, kind of light floral fragrance. 

It successfully repair my dry, coarse, frizzy, and rebellious hair. It makes my hair looks more beautiful, shiny, neat, and healthy.


The other product is Vitamin Spray also for Dry Hair. I guess the ingredients are almost the same with the hair oil, only this one is water based. It also contains Sunflower Oil, Vitamin A, C, E, Avocado Oil and Moisturizing Agent. It also used before drying or styling on damp hair.

The bottle sprayer is bigger than oil but still not too big. The sprayer has lock so you can bring it safely while travelling. The sprayer also works well and also impossible to overspray.

The smell is almost the same with the oil. It also feels so lightweight and not oily at all. But of course it is less intense compared to the oil. 

I need both of them!! For me these two products complete each other. Hair vitamin oil is perfect after hair cleansing process. While hair vitamin spray is for daily use, whenever my hair feels dry and needs some refreshment. I'm not sure about the price, but I heard it is very very affordable, even for students. Looking at the result, isn't it a good deal??

NOTE: They give me free products, but what I write is 100% true. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice Wednesday, loves!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Project Pan Finale

Start : 4 March 2015
Update 2 : 8 March 2015
Update 3 : 14 March 2015
Update 4 : 21 March 2015
Update 5 : 7 April 2015
Update 6 : 21 April 2015
Update 7 : 3 May 2015
Update 8 : 1 August 2015 (written on 8 Aug)

1. Clinique Blended Face Powder
Start at 30%, FINISHED (20 Mar 2015)

2. Skin79 All Day Sun Powder
Start at 45%, FINISHED (17 Apr 2015)

3. Clinique Derma White Foundation
Start at 50%, FINISHED (19 Apr 2015)

4. The Balm Mary-Loumanizer
(changed to below products start from 22 Mar 2015)

a. Marks and Spencer Raspberry Lip Butter
Start at 90%, UNFINISHED
Note : The texture is too runny for me. It is like someone push me to taste raspberry jam each time I wear this. As I could remember, the new one is not as runny as this. I decided not to continue this one.

b. Benefit Porefessional 22ml
Start at 90%, FINISHED (1 Aug 2015)
Note : The day I took the picture was the last day wearing this. Finally finished and I could move to my other items.

5. Urban Decay Primer Potion Original
Start at 30%, FINISHED (4 Apr 2015)

6. Guerlain Meteorites Base Pink
Start at 40%, FINISHED (15 Mar 2015)

7. Oriflame Pure Colour Eyeshadow Netral
Start at 90%, EXPIRED (06/2015)
Note : I didn't realize it already expired. I did my best to use this piece and I'm happy for that. Now it's time for you to go baby..

8. Etude House Peach Blush
Start at 40%, FINISHED (21 Apr 2015)

9. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Ebony
Start at 80%, now 70% remaining
Note : Will continue using it..

10. NYX Liquid Illuminator Gleam
Start at 40%, FINISHED (20 May 2015)
Note : I'm bad at guessing. This is really longer than expected. Sorry..

11. Make Up Forever Aqua Cream shade 16
Start at 68%, now is 40% remaining
Note: Will continue using it

12. NYX Slide On, Glide On Black Sparkle
Start at 60%, FINISHED (25 Jun 2015)
Note : my first time finishing pencil eyeliner

13. Clinique Balm Lipstick
Start at 40%, FINISHED (16 Mar 2015)

14. Dior Fluid Stick Sample
Start at 35%,  FINISHED (6 Mar 15)

15. Make Up Forever Smoky Lash Green
Start at 50%, FINISHED (4 Apr 2015)

(1 expired, 1 change texture, while I still continue using the other two.)

Finally, I could say I am so happy this project is over after 5 months. Eventhough not all item finished, I still did the great job and will accomplish nothing without this project.

On the last picture, I collage some picture of products before this project for your reference..

Thank you for reading..

LA Splash Lip Couture Liquid Lipstick in Poison Apple, Till Midnight, and Forbidden Review and Swatch

LA Splash is definitely a hype throughout the world.. Liquid lipstick is a trend nowadays especially if it is waterproof. The other good thing is LA Splash come out with affordable price and eyecatching.

These three are old colors since they already launched more choices now. I bought these around 4 months ago but neglected soon after I received more packages. Oopss my bad! 

Then I was cleaning my vanity and found them. Lately I slow down my shopping madness and don't have new items to post. So I guess I start digging old collection and make swatches of them. Yes, old collection and maybe for some people quite boring and out of trend. But pardon me, this is for my own good.

Now let's get started..

There is no such luxury such as paper box as packaging. Instead the box made of plastic like I usually find on souvenirs. The product packaging itself is a transparent glass tube with a twist mirrory golden cap.

The applicator attached to the cap is a long stick with sponge at the end. Reminds me of cotton buds. Lol.. It works well and quite precise. Pardon my messy swatch, I'm not too good at swatching.

 First thing I don't like, it smells quite strong, smelly like paint, but will fading in few minutes after application. This one reason is enough for me for not repurchasing. 

The second thing I don't like is it has bold texture. The feeling of something is sticking to my lips is not so comfortable to me. It is not sticky, just not lightweight. 

Third, it says waterproof. Yes it is. But it is not eat proof.. See my picture, after eating (non oily, I ate steamed fish!!), the inner part has gone. It is not something good for me.

Fourth, just like most matte and liquid lipstick it dries our lips. Do not wear this everyday and don't forget to use lipbalm before each application to protect our lips. 

Fifth, hard to remove even with my L'oreal and Maybelline Waterproof Make Up Remover. La Splash has come out with special remover, but I don't own one. Last time I tried to remove with Benefit They're Real Remover and tadaaaa it's gone perfectly.

(And anybody could tell me whether it contains any parabens or not??)

But they also have GOOD POINTS.

First, of course the price. It is one-third of ABH (not mentioning about the quality.) 

 Second, super pigmented. One swipe and done. It has matte finish and easy to apply.
Both till midnight and forbidden are good, but I found poison apple bit difficult to apply.

Third, quick dry. All liquid lipstick should be like that, you don't want to wait 10 minutes for it to dry right?

Fourth, minimum transfer. Other than the inner part, this lipstick is not transfering anywhere.


Hope this review helps..
Buy or not to buy is your choice..
Have a good day..
Thank you for reading..

Friday, August 7, 2015

I command you to leave, Acne and Blemish!!!

Lately I have to deal with huge batch of blemish. This is the worst skin condition in my life. I believe it is not only because of one reason. Usually if there is blemish appear, I just put on drying cream and it's gone. But not this time.


1. WIND: If you are resident of my neighbourhood, you will know that from July to December is time for the strong wind season. Some people do have allergic to this kind of wind. Beside of blemish, I am attacked by cough. It's funny when wind blows through me, I will coughing hard. But when wind stops or whenever I wear jacket and scarf, I am as healthy as a cow.. Lol.. 

2. DUST & MAKE UP : I was going all day lately, therefore my skin was catching more dust and produce more sweat. I also wear make up for whole day. They clogged my pores.

3. DEHIDRATION : It happened inside and outside. I was having bad eating habit lately. I ate too much oily and spicy food while I did not balanced it with drinking enough water and not have enough sleep. My body was aching and complaining through those blemishes. Moreover, I was too lazy to wear any kind of skincare and made my skin condition even worse.


1. Eat Well, Sleep Well, Live Well 
I'm on Steam Food Challenge to support the healing process. I decided to steam my foods for lunch and dinner. Sometimes I didn't have time to cook, so I was cheating for 2 days of 10 days. Still, my new eating habit helps much to reduce body heat and fat that is a big factor in combat blemish. I posted 7 first day menu of this challenge and still going on today. Drink plenty of water, get enough sleep and be happy.

2. Deep Cleansing!!

I have Foreo Luna Mini for like two months (?) already but too lazy to use it. Now I use it twice a day. Pair it with good facial wash and some cleansing products. Will talk about this later.

3. Moisturize!!

Never forget to feed your skin with good food. It is crucial..


0. Not in picture: Bioderma Sensibio H2O for removing non waterproof make up. Use Maybelline/L'oreal/Sephora for waterproof make up.
1. Foreo Luna Mini (will do review next month)
2. L'oreal White Perfect Purifying & Brightening Milky Foam
3. Anna Sui Balancing Cleanser
4. Nano Spray
5. Mario Badescu Drying Cream
6. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (Morning)
7. SK-II Cellumination Deep Surge EX (Night)
8. Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray (Whenever your skin needs it)
9. Clinique Turnaround Instant Facial Masque (Twice a week)


Day 1: Start using all those things listed above.

Day 4: Blemishes start to dry

Day 8: Blemishes slowly gone

Today: a lot difference.. 

This post is just me sharing about my story. Each people has different skin condition and different factors affecting it. Kindly analyze your own skin and adjust the steps and products according to your needs..

Thank you for reading..