Friday, October 23, 2015

Les Merveilleuses Laduree Powder Cheek Color 02

This one been in my phone for a loooongg time.. My bad I forget to write review about this. I took pictures and made review points in my journal few months ago but forget to write on blog. (You can see my hair is still black on below picture, while now my hair is so much lighter). That just explain how bad I am. 

Laduree is of course a super pretty beauty brand that never failed to satisfy my girly needs. I don't own that many Laduree, I only have 2 pieces of them, this one and another is the infamous Rose Blush. Maybe I'll do review about it too later since this is a permanent item. (I usually don't do review on limited edition products if I think I'm too late)

I'm choosing shade no 02, the super pretty pink!! I'm happy that Laduree write in English in the box so that I can understand more about the products. Some Asian products only write in their mother language and that is so frustating for me.

Inside the pretty ball, we have a super cute puff! Look at that ribbon! And the size is not too big make it even cuter! Also have a tray for placing the puff. Then we found another divider tray with seal to prevent product to go all over the case while on shipping. 

After opening the seal, we could see the holes like we usually find in loose powder.. Not kidding, I love every single thing in this set.

Now move to swatch. Laduree Cheek Powder is beautiful in every way. See that rosy glow on my skin!

It is quite easy to blend but be careful not to overdo it. After picking the product, it's necessary to tap the puff to prevent fall out before apply on your cheek. It last around 4 hours before fading. It will last longer if you are not easily sweating like me. 

Another one, it smells sooooooooooo good! Soft rosy smell that become the signature of Les Merveilleuses Laduree.. Have I told you that I'm in love with Rose lately??

Thank you for reading, see you again very berry soon.. *cheers

Urban Decay Primer Potion Sin

Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) is not a new product among beauty bloggers. But usually people will take the Original while I am more attracted to Sin. Recently UDPP has new packaging, it also includes applicator that attached to the cap. This one I'm reviewing is the old version of UDPP, therefore there will be no applicator in this case.

Sin is  a colored primer which means that it is not only act as a primer, but it also can be used alone as an eyeshadow cream and eyeshadow base.

Mine is a 11ml product. And that's more than enough for years. You need only a little (really!!) and it will work for you for 24 hours.. Be careful not to squish the tube too hard. Otherwise you will end up with too much Sin on your lids. Lol..

The color is a metalic soft pink that will blend beautifully and once it's set, it won't go anywhere unless you swipe with a waterproof make up remover. Yes because it is waterproof. Once I use it when I swim and it is mostly still there when I finished.

Eventhough Sin has a color, it does not affect too much on the eyeshadow color. As you can see in the picture above, the eyeshadow with Sin under it are so incredibly pigmented with not much color changing. It even gives the feel of glamorous in them. Sorry for the messy swatch.

I tried to swipe with wet tissue and this is what happened. The eyeshadows without primer is mostly fading but eyeshadow with primer is not. Maybe little smudge but not a big problem.

Then, am I happy with it? Yes I am!

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day..

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder

Hello again readers, like what I've promised you, I'm trying to catch up on my reviews. This time is old collection and from drugstore brand. It is loose face powder from Coty, named Airspun.

The first impression is that much powder I get.. It contains 65 grams of loose powder, more than double the size of Chanel Universelle Libre which is only 30gr each. For only around IDR 200.000 you get that much!! It's a year supply, even could last longer than that.

I'm afraid to use it directly from original case, since it is too much product inside, it will be difficult to finish. Too many open close the jar and I believe the quality will somehow be reduced. So I'm doing this on my Airspun. I move some powder to another empty loose powder case. I maybe move around 35% of the product and even after 4 months I still haven't seen any need of refilling. It is that much!

The second thing I notice is the packaging. It is so old fashion, kind of my grandmother's powder. Lol.. And sadly, I found it not too sturdy. If you notice in the first picture, it's easily broken (see the lid). But I never bring loose powder on travel, so that's not a big problem for me. I tape the cracks and it won't affect the product. I don't see it daily after all, so nevermind about the packaging. If you don't like it too, you can use my tips on moving them to cute powder case on your own.

Third, the smell.. It has strong floral smell. You with a sensitive nose might not likey. The smell is also old fashion for me. Once applied, the smell is slowly fading. 

The applicator is included inside the case. It is more to furry puff and not too thick. So I prefer using my Sigma brush than the original puff. When you open the lid, there is also a divider with holes but it is not much used since I move the product to another case.

Now move to texture.. From few loose powder of drugstore brands that I tried, Airspun is the best one. But don't quote me, I don't have too much experience with drugstore brand). It's not as cakey as the other brands. It is not super last, but okay for daily use, last 3-4 hours on me. 

I think it is not perfect for dry or oily skin, but will do okay on normal skin. I have the shade in  Translucent  Extra Coverage. The result is natural like what translucent supposed to be. But about the extra coverage I don't think so. It doesn't do such thing like extra cover on me. We need to use foundation and concealer to get extra coverage. 

The picture below is using Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow (reviewed here) and Coty Airspun only, and Dior Lipglow Coral on my lips. Not bad eh? This product is not my holy grail, just okay for me, but when you are on budget you should consider to buy this. And again, this picture is not edited or filtered.

Thank you for reading.. See you on next post.. Will do soon! XOXO 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow

When I received email from Sephora that they held another member sales this week, I need to get my hands on something. I think I need some good base for my bad skin condition lately. I know I have many bb cream, cc cream, foundation etc. But this time I'm talking about the light one, and then I remember that I have sample sachet of this Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow. So I'm sorry about  unphotogenic pictures and product this time.

"With Météorites Baby Glow, for the first time, light becomes liquid… subtle, silky, impalpable. With a unique alchemy that combines technology with a touch of magic, this liquid light glides onto the skin as a luminous, perfecting veil that erases signs of fatigue and reveals the youth and natural glow of the complexion. The skin looks rested, smooth and replenished – as beautiful and fresh as a baby’s skin. Like an infusion of moisture, the ethereal and delightfully aqueous texture of Météorites Baby Glow makes it glide effortlessly onto the skin, suffusing it with a long-lasting sensation of comfort. With this hydrating burst of freshness, the skin relaxes and appears refreshed, invigorated, plump and radiant. " -

From the description paper 
 where the sachets attached (and from the web), this product supposed to be a Light-Revealing Sheet Make Up Anti-Fatigue Effect. So basically it will give you a natural healthy skin looking.. Seems promising right? Yeah something like that. And from the name we know that this not a product with a super coverage, but this is sheer and light. 

It has SPF25 PA++, not too high but enough to protect your skin if you are working indoor. There are 3 shades : Clair, Medium, and Dore (same with the Meteorites Perles)

There you can see Guerlain suggests a pure radiance routine.  You can follow them for better result. 

The sample is 1.5ml and I can use it up to 4times. I put the rest of the product inside a jar to prevent it from drying.

Texture is kind of sheer, so the product is not as heavy or thick as other products that I tried. It is sheerer than Chanel Les Beiges Cream or CC Cream. 

I took picture when it is lightly spread. It is super easy to blend and super light! I have no complaint about the texture and blending ability. Now look at the right bottom when it is completely blended. It is like my second skin but better. I got the instant healthy glow! I'm not kidding!

When applied on my face, it reduces the signs of fatique like it claims. My pores looks smaller and my skin looks healthier in instant without causing a heavy look that recently I avoid. 

You still can see my dark spots and blemish.. If you look for a high coverage, this is not for you. While I said yes, absolutely yes. And you know what, I already ask my friend to get the full size for me. 

These pictures taken without editing or filtering. And I don't use other product on my face. Just this awesome Baby Glow. Then what do you think?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Chanel Vitalumiere Loose Powder Foundation

It's good to see you again reader.. I have abandoned this blog again for don't know how many times. I took some pictures of Chanel Vitalumiere Loose Powder Foundation few months ago but have no time to write a review. I'm so sorry, but I will try my best to catch up soon. I have lots of products to show you. I promise you to write more regularly.

Yesterday I was digging out old pictures in my phone and I realize I haven't posted about this. So this morning I took few more pictures and here I am typing this review from my phone. Luckily this baby is a permanent item, so there is no word 'late' to review it.

Inside the black box you will get the powder with the kabuki brush included. I have the one in shade no 20.

It is containing 10gr of product.. Compared to the Universelle Libre which is 30gr, this Vitalumiere have definitely smaller size in packaging.

It is not a cheap product for sure. I bought this around IDR 950.000,- that time. I usually bought foundation around IDR 500.000-800.000, so this is the most expensive foundation I own if I'm counting the brush as free.

Okay let's start with the brush first.. I always love white brush.. Lol.. And this kabuki for me is a lot better than the one from Dior Nude series. A way softer and the application is easier. It is feel heavier too, so I guess it feels more luxurious than Dior one.

Sorry I forget to take picture of the seal, I throw it away few months ago. So basically the new product will have a black plastic seal inside to keep the powder from going here and there as long as you haven't taken off the seal and maintain the quality of the product before anybody use them. The picture above is today's picture, after few months it will look like this. Lol..

After you open the seal, you will meet the net. It is an elastic one, not a stiff net that we usually found. You can press the net to pick up the powder using the brush. Here I just want to show you how elastic it is. It also prevents the overpicking.

Shade no 20 will look like this on my skin. Seems dark on the pan, but when you apply it is actually a bright one. I usually use shade 20 for Chanel liquid foundation and 30 for Chanel powder. This one my friend pick for me and I forget to tell her to pick up no 30. Don't worry, Chanel products usually have natural finish so no 20 and 30 is not a big deal for me. If you concern about that, make sure you try in counter first.

As usual, this products has Chanel signature scent and I love it. I cannot compare with any Chanel compact foundation because I don't have any. I usually don't use powder foundation and choose liquid foundation instead. 

If you look on face swatch below, this powder does not cover my darkspots or acne scar totally. It has light to medium coverage and lighter than any Chanel liquid foundation that I have. But it does brighten my skin. From what I experience, it emphasize my pores.. Anybody have the same experience with me?

The staying power is okay regarding my combination skin. It last up to 5 hours on humid days. It is not cakey and good for daily use.

The conclusion is: This product is not for me though many friends rave about this. I just never have a good luck with powder foundation.. 

Left is bare face, Right is with Vitalumiere Loose Powder Foundation.

Tell me what about your opinion on this product..
Thank you for reading.. See you on next post.