Monday, November 30, 2015

Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er Eyeliner Pen

Magic Marc'er from Marc Jacobs do some magic please?? I have small asian eyes that certainly need eyeliner to shape and make them looks bigger. Since I don't usually use contact lens and don't use fake eyelashes everyday, then eyeshadow and eyeliner are my weapon (or maybe you have suggestion for me).

Eyeliner is placing no. 2 of the make up related thing I've been using after face powder. Means that I already wear eyeliner for more than 10 years (since highschool). 

Sadly I'm not that adventurous to try many eyeliners from different brand. I usually stick to only few brands of them. I maybe only tried less than 5 eyeliner pens. That's why I will not comparing this to other brands.

Magic Marc'er is well known for the precision. From a thin line to a super thick line, you just name it. Above is the swatch of medium line, thick line, and thin line. The color is also the blackest black. You will not find any shimmer in this eyeliner. The finishing is not too matte, but also not shiny.

I rarely do thin line, but I heard some friend have good experience with this. The applicator is not as stiff as Stila, that's why you need to be gentle when using this to extend the life span of the tip.

The staying power is incredible. It will not fade with only water. I tried to smudge it but I failed. It stayed all day on me (10-12 hours). The best remover is cleansing oil or waterproof make up remover. (Read about Biore Cleansing oil just before this post).

I also love the gel liner and will post a review about that too next time.. My mother who never use eyeliner even love them too. So stay tuned my dear..  Xoxo

Friday, November 27, 2015

Biore Cleansing Oil

Make up lover should do good cleansing steps, right? Beware of make up residue that could harm your skin conditions. That's why make up remover (cleansing milk, cleansing water, cleansing oil, etc) is very important beside the cleansing foam/facial wash.

This Biore claims to remove strong make up, even the waterproof one, quick and fast. It also removes dirt and excess oil in our face. It leaves no sticky or oily feeling, won't clog pores, soothing and comfortable with refreshing fruity fragrance.

The scent is like fruit candy. The liquid is transparent and not too thick. It is quite runny, so better to apply fast. I usually pump once and apply to my face, and pump again if I need more. No need to rush because the liquid could spill out easily.

Remember, Do not wet your face or hands when applying this. Once it contacts with water it will not remove the make up completely. And don't use cotton for this. The best way is using your hands. I tried with cotton and turn out like a mess and hurts.

 Spread and massage all over face, including eyes and lips until it slowly removes make up (and make my face turn black.. Mix of eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow, mascara, etc.. Lol). Then rinse with water (and cleansing foam).

Sometimes it made contact with my eyes and make them burns whenever I'm in a rush. So, better do this gently and make sure you do it near water source like shower or hand basin, you know, just in case.

I made experiment with some long staying make up that I trust so far : Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er Eyeliner Pen, Urban Decay 24/7 Zero, Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream, Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick Craft, Too Faced Born This Way, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Ebony

Look all colors mixed up! From transparent become pinky purple.. A thin line there is Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er. I thought it would not gone but after I wipe my hand with a wet cotton, all of them completely gone.

My skin feel soft, smooth but not oily at all. It doesn't cause acne or pimple but my skin is slightly dry. (A sweet reminder that don't forget to use moisturizer after that). I'm quite happy with the result. And the price is only around IDR 100.000 (in some place it is even below that price). That's affordable!! Do you want to try this?

Thank you for reading..

MAC Magic of The Night

They are here!! The highly raved MAC Magic of the Night is here! After months waiting, finally I could lay my hands on them. In above picture, you see 4 lipstick right? Actually I only have 2 shades at the moment, because the other 2 shades are still on the way. Those in the picture are my friend's. 

This time MAC launched different packaging color. Like blue for the highlighters and so on. 

The box is so shiny and metallic and hard to capture the letters. 


There are two shades of Skinfinish: Oh Darling and Shaft of Gold. They are being the highlight of the collection. Oh Darling is more famous than Shaft of Gold, but personally I love both of them. 

Those two are very pigmented, texture is creamy and the finishing is absolutely gorgeous. Both are very longlasting, 8-10hours in humid weather. Make sure to be lighthanded when dipping your brush.


My only pick is Moon is Blue since I've been into blue lately. I'm so happy with this. The formula is amazing. It is incredibly pigmented and yet still blendable. Not to mention this is quite creamy, no fall out and long lasting too. The shimmer is pretty and not too much. Just make sure to blend it well. Don't do bold at once, build it little by little until covered.


I'm in love with Petrol Blue. This is a perfect match for the eyeshadow. The texture is creamy, soft and pigmented. It contains shimmers which create a glamour looks. The staying power is incredible. Below I made swatch in the back of my hand and when I washed my hands, it mostly still there, even the shimmer is not moving any centimeters. I guess this will be my favorite from now on.


The two I'm reviewing is the Dark Side (right) and the special shade, Evening Rendezvous (left). 

Dark Side (Amplified) is a Deep Burgundy and Evening Rendezvous (Matte) is Deep Reddish Purple. Both of them very pigmented and really easy to be applied. They are so soft and glides smoothly on my skin when swatching and my lips. Eventhough the finish is matte, they are not as drying as the usual formula. After 5 hours (include eating oily food) it start fading eventhough they are not completely gone, the stain is visible..

Note: Shaft of Gold supposed to be blush bronzer for my skin tone, but here I tried to show it as a highlighter

Using all products reviewed above.

Other Products used: 
Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow
Clinique Super Balanced Loose Powder
Too Faced Milk Soleil and Chocolate Soleil
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Ebony
Clinique Eyeshadow Duo Like Mink
MAC Eyeshadow Lorelei
MAC Blush Sea Me Hear Me
Dior It Lash Blue

Thank you for reading.. See you soon! I still have a lot of review to share..

Monday, November 23, 2015

NARS Contour Kit Paloma

Who loves contouring here? Make up technique that helps up to get a better face shape instantly? Honestly I don't really into contouring. I only use them when there is party or something special. Until I met NARS Paloma. Here I'm explaining why..

There are three shades of NARS Contouring Kit. I take the one in Paloma, the middle one. The case is the signature black rubber case with white letters which is sleek and simple. And as always this packaging is easily get dirty.. 

The duo are pink beige and deep rose color. Pink beige (lighter shade) is only half the deep rose in size. The lighter shade is supposed to illuminate the high points of the face while the deeper one is to give definition to our face.

The texture of the lighter shade is much better from the deeper one. Pink beige is quite soft and easy to pick while deep rose's texture is harder and dryer.

But since they are not so pigmented or buttery, the finishing is super natural. It is so easy to apply unlike some other brands that I've tried. This piece is even recommended for newbie. This is the third contouring kit (of four) that I bought and so far this is the easiest if we talk about application. I will never be like a clown no matter how much I apply the powder. (It is buildable to a certain level). It is even suitable for morning/afternoon.

I use pink beige for my triangle area under my eyes and also for the bridge of my nose, bit in my forehead and my chin. Deep rose is used under cheekbone, jawline and outer face.

Personally I now prefer duo contouring kit than contouring palette which consist of 6 or more shades since I'm not a MUA and also I live in country with only two seasons so my skin color would not change that much. But wait a minute! I still need to find the better contouring kit right? So I will bring you another kit soon.. Lol

See ya! Thanks for reading

Friday, November 20, 2015

Sephora Hydrating Powder Blush Icy Fuchsia and Romantic Rose

If you want a compact and middle-end blush, Sephora is one of the wide options out there. With crazy color selection, just get from the rack anything that has caught your eyes. I have my own rule whenever I have to face so many choices until I get confused. For me, the first one catching my eyes is (almost) always the one I like the most. So now, I'm sharing you about 2 of them.

Sephora products rarely have paper/card box packaging. They usually wrapped up in plastic seal. (For bag palette and blockbuster there is box for each of them). It is more simple and space friendly, but in the other side looks less luxurious and easy to get scratched on shipping.

The case is lightweight, made from hard plastic in black color. The lid is transparent in the center so basically we could see the blush color directly without opening it, and it is just an ordinary click-clack type. Each contains 3.2g of products.

Both of them quite pigmented. No need to give much effort to make them visible. You only need a good brush because brush has effect in matter of blending process. The texture is not buttery but not very dry either, so a good basic is needed. 

Icy Fuchsia is a bright Fuchsia that turned out to a beautiful pink on my skin. It looks really shimmery on pan, but it is actually wearable. The shimmer will stay in place if you wear a good basic before. It last for 4 to 6 hours on humid weather.

Romantic Rose is a soft rose color that is more to peach than pink. No visible shimmer in this color and it is a lot softer than Icy Fuchsia. Sadly this will not show up well on medium to dark skin. It last for 3 to 5 hours in humid weather. This is more blendable and softer but less buildable and less longlasting than Icy Fuchsia.

The swatch on the back of my hand only need 1x swipe.

Icy Fuchsia

Romantic Rose

Thank you for reading 😗

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

Hi, we meet again.. This time I will discuss about another old stuff that is still popular until now. Yes it is Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. This palette is so well-known worldwide and I think because of how people love Ambient Lighting series, recently Hourglass launched Ambient Lighting Edit too. (No I did not buy it)

The packaging itself is so tricky. The mirrory surface catches dirts and fingerprints easily. Other than that, I honestly love the design of the palette. It is modern and simple and not too heavy or bulky for something that carries 3 gorgeous powders. I just hope Hourglass would include a pouch to protect this thing.

On the back of the box, you get the description of the products. This palette contains 3 shades of powder. According to Hourglass, here is the definition:

DIM LIGHT : A neutral peach beige powder that blurs imperfections and highlights a radiant complexion with the perfect balance of warm and cool tones.

INCANDESCENT LIGHT : An opalescent pearl powder that brightens the complexion with a celestial glow. 

RADIANT LIGHT : A sun-kissed golden beige that enhances the overall complexion with believable, subtle warmth, and also extends a summer glow.

Dim Light and Radiant Light are permanent shades which you can buy the full size, while Radiant Light is exclusive to this palette. 

This powder will works in every skin tone since their undertones are all neutral. It creates soft glow and doesn't make my pores more visible. It last for 4-5 hours in humid weather.

 You can use each of them alone or mixed, just do what you like. I rarely use them as finishing powder eventhough they are good for that purpose.

My ritual is to mix Dim Light and Incandescent Light (or use only one of them) as my highlighter and put some Radiant Light on my cheek for a warm finish.

Don't worry, it is not shimmery. The glow is subtle.. Do you like this? What do you think?

Thank you for reading.. See you soon..

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tom Ford Cooper, John, Julian, Leonardo, Luca, Matthew, and Xavier

Tom Ford is now one of my favorite brand. When they first launched Lips and Boys (long time ago), I quickly ordered 9 of them but unfortunately 2 already sold out. 

Most bloggers did swatch immediately after they received mail, not with a bad blogger like me. I'm struggling to find time to do swatch. And when I have time like today, the lighting is just awful.. It started okay, but when I do lipswatch then the sun was hiding. Oh my!!

All of them have good quality. Some have bold color, some just sheer. Some shimmery some don't. There is one that even creates a metallic finish too. The formula is great and not drying at all. I wear them without any problem. They all glides smoothly and comfortable to use all day. Let's see my bad swatch below. 

Cooper is my most favorite.. Only need 1 swipe to create this pigmented color. It also one of the most longlasting of all 7 pieces. 

John is almost the same with Cooper in pan, only a bit brighter. But actually has a very different color when applied. While Cooper is more dark and satiny, John is softer and much more shimmery. The shimmer is in pink and is visible (there is not too visible on my lipswatch, so I made another comparison).

Julian is the one that is most different between the pan and the swatch. I think it is following my natural lip color. While in pan it is like a mauve or a bit greyish, on my lips it appear more like a super soft pink. 

Leonardo is a beautiful red. It is as pigmented as Cooper and I love it. I feel that it also brighten my looks instantly.

Luca creates metallic finish. The true color is more like a sheer and soft color that will appear following our natural lip color. I think Luca is kind of Lipstick Topper that will go well with any other color.

This is the worst swatch of all 7. It just does not show the true beauty of Matthew. In fact Matthew is more to coral than pink. Please refer to swatch on my hands to see the real color. 

Xavier is good reddish purple. Not as dark as the color in the pan but it does make a statement. And it is one of the most longlasting too..

Any of them is also your favorite?? Thank you for reading and have a nice day. See you..