Sunday, December 27, 2015

Tom Ford Noir Night Sky

After months of waiting, finally Night Sky is mine. When some people said this is too dark and not suitable for daily use therefore this is such a waste buy, I just couldn't hear them. For me this is so pretty and I couldn't wait to lay my hands on it. And some pictures I saw just failed to capture the beauty of this baby, but I don't care. I have trusted Tom Ford will create a gorgeous one.

I have to admit that this color is not everyone's color. Midnight blue will create such a perfect smokey eyes, but some people just not brave enough to pull it out. In reality, I am on that category. So I will not go too bold in this post. I will make this Night Sky wearable for my daily make up.

The design is just like previous Cream and Powder Eye Color. Just like Naked Bronze (review here) and the gank, the case is divided into two parts. The top is for powder and bottom is for cream. The top is in solid black color (while Naked Bronze's is white), and the bottom is transparent so we can see the color of the cream eyeshadow. (Now I have a soulmate for my Naked Bronze. Lol..) I have a bit issue with the black case which so easily capture dirt. You can see the picture above, dirt is visible there although I already swipe it for so many times.

Now here's the inside part of the top compartment, which is the powder eyeshadow. The shimmers are fine enough so we could not see them clearly if there's is no proper lighting nor perfect angle. I tried to capture it under different light and different angle just to show you how actually the shimmers are a lot but sometimes not really show up just because of how fine they are.

The cream eyeshadow is da bomb! As usual the texture is incredibly creamy and so soft. I believe that's the reason why I received the messy looks, while at the store it has a beautiful yummy swirl on the surface. (My friend sent it by mail and I guess the long journey creates a jet lag on the cream. Lol). This also happened to my Naked Bronze (but not to my Soleil Tan de Chanel) that the cream is not in perfect shape when arrived, so this could be a prove of how soft and creamy the texture is.

The cream eyeshadow is superrrrrrr pigmented. This is really a little goes a long way. Only need less that the tip of your cotton bud to create that swatch. The blue makes my heart skips a beat.. 

The powder eyeshadow is a bit dissapointing in texture. It is a bit drier that the one in Naked Bronze so it is impossible to wear it alone. But when you dab it on top of the cream, taaa daaaaa... Night Sky is on your lid.. Midnight blue with a sparkling stars over there.

Cream Eyeshadow
The cream eyeshadow is easy to blend and buildable. Well, not as blue as the one I swatch in my hand because on lid I only put just a little bit product while on my hand is a thick swatch. The color is still a night blue, but it does not show up in picture.

I suggest to build it bit by bit to avoid a punched-face look. Start from the outer and blend it well into the middle of the lid. I think it will go well with other eyeshadow too. Let your creativity take over. Maybe I will try some other looks when I feel better.

Cream + Powder Eyeshadow

The sparkle is really hard to capture. I hope you could still see that. There is no fall out if applying using fingertips. I notice that dabbing lightly for few times with fingertips get better and more natural result than a brush swipe.

I Tried to provide you with different type of shoot to give you better picture of the color. The blurry picture below is my reflection on desk mirror..

What do you think of Night Sky? Does this make you Ooh and Aahh just like I do? Lol.  Thank you for reading.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Burberry Fresh Glow in Nude Radiance

Burberry Fresh Glow is the first high end primer that I own..  I first swatched it at Burberry counter but sadly I was over budget. Then few months later I asked my friend to buy it for me.

Mine is a permanent edition. If you are about to buy one, you maybe could catch up the holiday edition in Gold packaging. But this one is available anytime (permanent), so just take your time while deciding to buy it or not.

Burberry design is so iconic and this bottle is pretty in its own way. The Burberry pattern is all over the lid with a click closure. The pump is in good quality and dispense a perfect amount of product for used. The transparant bottle is not too heavy so it is still considered travel friendly if you don't have an issue with a tall bottle. 

This Fresh Glow is a multitasking product. It could be used as a base, mix with foundation or a soft highlighter. The texture is sheer but not too runny. This one is creating the perfect healthy glow without looking oily or shimmery. 

I love using it as a base or mix it with foundation to make my skin looks dewy. As a highlighter, this product is too soft so I don't use it that way. The result is not too visible on photo, so I don't take many photos. But believe me, it has incredible result in real. 

My skin looks healthier and brighter and of course more glowing. It does not clog my pores or make it looks visible. It even make my skin looks smoother. The picture below is my bare face + Fresh Glow. 

It is also super light so it feels like my second skin but better. No sticky or tight feeling when applying this. It feels comfortable and the glow last whole day. In humid weather, it does not turn my skin to oily at all. 

No need to say no more, you need to try by yourself to understand what I'm talking about.. I really like this Burberry Fresh Glow in Nude Radiance, I like the texture and the result and the packaging and everything. I will surely repurchase it.. The price? Oh forget to say, this is a little goes a long way. One pump for each application is enough.. 😊

Thank you for reading..

Gucci Eye Magnetic Color Shadow Mono Oro, Iconic Ottanio, Ultra Violet, Iconic Bronze

What are you thinking when you buy too many eyeshadows of a particular brand? I have been just telling myself that I was hypnotized by that embossing.. If you notice, I bought so many Gucci beauty. For eyeshadows, I have reviewed 4 duos, this time about 4 monos and I still have an unreviewed quad. Lol..

Those four monos are Oro, Iconic Ottanio, Ultra Violet, and Iconic Bronze. 

The case design is just like other Gucci Beauty. Black with Golden Logo Embossing and also Golden Belt. They comes inside a paper box which is also an iconic Gucci beauty packaging box. Only this time, Gucci Mono Eyeshadow feel so light and no velvet pouch to protect the case. I was hoping that it could be heavier and I was a bit dissapointed about it.

Oro is a light gold that tends to yellow with a fine shimmers.

Iconic Ottanio is a teal color and one of iconic color from Gucci. It is more to satin finish and not too shimmery. When choosing which color to buy, Iconic Ottanio was the first one catching my eyes.

Ultra Violet is satiny violet, has bit of shimmer but not too visible. Like Iconic Ottanio, this one is more to satiny finish. 

Iconic Bronze is a bronze with a shimmery finish. The shimmer is the most visible of the four colors. When I first received the mail, Iconic Bronze is the only one with non perfect condition. I was afraid if the formula is a missed, but look at the swatch below!

All four of them are quite pigmented and the texture is not dry at all. They are all buildable, but Ultra Violet is the least blendable among four shades. I don't say that Ultra Violet has bad quality, but the other are good enough and could be compared with my favorite eyeshadow duo, 040 Sunset (reviewed here) .. Maybe even better.

Eventhough the texture is not so buttery, but during application I found no fall out or other difficulties in creating my eye make up. Oro is last for 8.5 hours on me while the other last up to 10 hours before fading. 

Below is a blurry picture to show you the shimmer. 

My Right Eye: Oro (lightly dab on inner lid), Iconic Bronze (middle to outer lid), Ultra Violet (outer), Iconic Ottanio (under eye). My Left Eye: Oro (inner lid), Iconic Bronze (), Iconic Ottanio (outer), Ultra Violet (under eye)

Clearly that mono shadows are better that the duo. (I don't know about the quad, I haven't used it yet). If you are not on budget, you could consider them, especially Iconic Ottanio and Iconic Bronze, you will not regret.

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Guerlain Meteorites Compact

I think everybody knows Meteorites, Guerlain's signature products.. Everytime Guerlain launch new meteorites , girls gone crazy even they already have previous series already. Yes, we never have enough of them. Same same but different!

While people love Meteorites tins and collect them, they need one for travel companion. Guerlain hear them. They come out with Meteorites Compact which is much more travel friendly but still have the same magic result that we love. 

The packaging is quite heavy and luxurious enough with the magnetic closure, talking about the price. I think I will not buy this if the case is made from plastic or thick paper/cardboard. Lol.. 

I never use compact mirror at home since I always reach for my table mirror, but in this compact I love that Guerlain includes one.

Sorry for the picture. I forget where I save the brand new picture. But you have the idea that this compact is just like the mix of Meteorites balls in a pressed form. No embossing, just colorful.

I don't own the Meteorites Perles in Clair since I only collect the limited editions and feel that I don't need to buy the regular one, so I could not make a comparison between them. 

All I know is Meteorites never fail. This compact gives instant glow but not causing my skin looks oily. Not like some Meteorites series which tend to be highlighter due to the visible shimmer, this compact is wonderful as finishing powder. It is not bold enough as a highlighter.

The glow is so soft and smooth and it only visible where the light touch your skin. I need no effort in strobing or something like that. Smells not as strong as Meteorites in tin if you know what I'm talking about.

The powder is not as soft as the Meteorites balls so you are free to dip your brush in that compact without the fear of excess product applied. This does not change your skin color, so basically you can put as much product as you need until you achieve the glowing looks that you want.

It last for 6 hours before fading. So far it did not clog my pores or make them visible. Fluffy powder or blush brush is perfect for application.

Thank you for reading..

Monday, December 14, 2015

Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel Understudy, Roll The Dice, Surrender Dorothy, and Saboteur

Hello again! This post is about another lippie galore.. Yes you're right! It's Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel. They are permanent but I suggest you to get The Sophia (limited edition Lovemarc minies) because it's so worth it!

I got 4 shades and in love with them all. I'm quite happy with my picks since all four of them have very different colour. I have no regret for buying them.

I love the design. The classy black colour, the magnet closure, the shape of the tube, and also the tip of the lipstick. They are kind of cute! (see Roll the Dice and Saboteur for reference since the other two are not brand new when the pics were taken). 

Understudy was soon become my go-to lipstick when I first tried it. I love it then and I'm still loving it now. For me this is the perfect nude, not making me pale while still looks very natural.

Roll the dice is a bright pink and the colour is so pop up! From four shades this is the less liked because I think the color not really suit me well. But trust me this one is still so pretty though.

Surrender Dorothy is so bold on pan but is not that scary when applied. The color turn out to be a bright orange which is quite beautiful.

Saboteur is rock! I mean it! The color is so cool. It is a dark red which has the most classy look when applied. I never know that this kind of color could be so gorgeous. It is dark but not gothic. I love it! My husband even says that he liked it the most out of four shades.

The texture is different from my other lipstick because it is a lip gel. It glides smoothly on my lips and very comfortable. It is quite pigmented, mostly one swipe is enough, but it is buildable. All pictures here are only one swipe.

This is one of my favorite lipstick formula. It is not drying while still provide a quite long lasting color. It last about 5.5 hours on me, except for Understudy only 4.5 hours. It does not create much stain in the end of the day, that's why it is safe for daily use. 

I think for people who are looking for the comfortable lipstick, maybe Lovemarc is the answer. Will definitely add more to collection when there is big sale on Sephora again.. 

Thank you for reading