Saturday, March 12, 2016

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation

Who doesn't know that Chanel Foundation is highly raved by many women? Honestly, my most favorites Chanel Beauty products are face basic products like foundation or powder. I love Chanel Beauty Decorative product, but they just don't make me addicted.

The packaging is small and travel friendly because it is made from plastic. There is no pump in the bottle, it is kind of 'upside down and squeeze'. Eventhough the bottle is small and fits in my hand, it contains regular amount of products, 30ml.

This foundation is water-light and creates natural complexion. It does not cover my imperfection perfectly, but it does enhance natural beauty. It brightens, evens my skintone, and makes it glowing the whole day. It covers my acne scar, acne, redness, darkspot, and pores lightly.

It is not drying my skin or causing break out. Even when it is near the end right now, I still enjoy it like the first time. The fragrance is nice and calming and it is comfortable throughout the day. It does not oxidize and also quite longlasting, 7 hours and still looks nice.

I don't know with other type of skin. Mine is combination to oily and this foundation is perfect for me. 

Thank you for reading..

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick Fairy Godmother, Tequila Sunrise, 1995, Kiss & Tell, Mai Tai, Rodeo Drive

As promised, I'm reviewing Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick this weekend. Same with Star Powders Audrey, they were sitting quietly long enough in my drawers and now time to embrace them.

GC Lipsticks are very famous, especially the nude and brownish color, so I ordered them and add some other color. The result is I bought 6 different shades, some double for my friend.

Actually Fairy Godmother and Kiss & Tell are in a set with two lipglosses (will review them next time), and the other 4 are my most curious to try because I love those kind of shades.

The shape of the case reminds me of MAC. It is a bullet shape but with a reflective golden plastic material. Same with the highlighter, the packaging is photogenic but not so satisfying in my hand. It is super light and gives me the feel of cheapness. I think GC could be better than this.

5 of mine has perfect shape when they were arrived. Mai Tai's case has cracked and the product was scratched by the inner part of the case, just a bit so never mind. Then I had a back up for Rodeo Drive, the case is well, but the product was scratched more than Mai Tai. I sold that one since I have two of that shade. I don't know what happened. I guess the formula is not very good for long travelling? Maybe it is too fragile for USA-Indonesia shipping.

Of that 6, there is just one shades that is a miss for me. The rest are nice enough to my liking. They have good staying power (6 hours before fading) and good pigmentation too. So far, I feel comfortable wearing them all day. They are not drying too much, but honestly I never forget to apply lipbalm to take care of my lips, maybe that helps. 

Fairy Godmother is a cool and pale baby pink. This color is definitely not for me. The finish is matte and the texture is the driest of all six, therefore it is most harder to be applied.

When applied, Tequila Sunrise is softer than the color in the pan. It is a light coral with peach color hints. It is really beautiful for teenager and younger and so sweet. The finish is matte and the texture is a bit dry but bearable.

1995 is the most popular of all GC Lipstick. It might be their bestselling so far. This kind of classic nude, not a pale nude, but a classy neutral will go well with almost all skintone. The finish is matte but still feel creamy when applied.

Kiss & Tell is a flamingo pink that brighten your day. With a satin finish and creamy texture, it becomes the most comfortable of all six. It last longer than other shades, around 7 hours before fading and the stain is still strong in the end of the day, in fact a bit difficult to clean.

Mai Tai is vibrant and bold orange. This is the most creamy and pigmented of all six. The texture is satin and the staying power is just a bit under Kiss & Tell. Bright lippie lover would love this shade!

I didn't expect Rodeo Drive to become this light when applied. It is darker on pan, but recognized as rosy/dusty pink with satin finish on my lips. The texture is in the middle, it is not too dry and not too creamy. 

As conclusion, I like Satin type more than Matte because it is more comfortable and less drying. But Tequila Sunrise and 1995 are pretty shades so I still like it. You need extra treatment like lipbalm to prevent dryness on your lips. The staying power is satisfying. And I hope GC will upgrade the case quality too and also find out why the products are scratched by the inner case.

Thank you for reading.. Happy weekend!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Gerard Cosmetics Star Powders Audrey

How's your weekend so far ladies? Hope you have a nice one! This time I'm going to review about Gerard Cosmetics Star Powders Audrey. I bought this long time ago together with some lipstick and lipgloss when they were on sale. By the way, GC is celebrating their anniversary right now and giving huge discount and free shipping (as always) internationally. Go check on them here

There is no packaging box as long as I know, so you will only received it wrapped in some kind of a sponge protector. The case is photogenic and looks really beautiful on pictures. It is a reflective gold, easy to get dirty, but easy to be cleaned. On the other side, it is super light and made from plastic material. So in real, it feels cheap because of the packaging.

At the time I bought this, there were only 3 shades available. Now they add 4 more shades, so you can choose which one suits you perfectly. Audrey is inspired from one of the biggest Hollywood Icon, Breakfast at Tiffany's star Audrey Hepburn. It is a warm champagne gold that is reflective and high shine. It contains 12g of products,and that's a lot!

When talking about shade, this kind of shades will be pretty in almost all skintone. The other options at that time were Lucy and Marilyn. When you are in doubt choosing highlighter color, just go for champagne. It works for me so far, always.

It looks 'wow' on the pan and made me afraid to be a disco ball.. But, actually the shimmer is soft enough for daily use. It transfered beautifully on skin, blendable and sits there a whole day. It is near 7 hours before I cleaned my make up with only small sign of fading.

The texture is a bit dry and powdery, but there is no fallout or any difficulties in application. The pigmentation is not special, but still beautiful and buildable.

Thinking of comparison, the one appeared inside my head is The Balm Mary Loumanizer, which I've been using for the past two months everyday! (Reviewed here). Mary Lou is more golden, more pigmented, but also way more shiny and shimmery. If you love Mary Lou but looking for a more subtle substitution, try this Star Powders. Mary Lou is $24, Audrey is $29, but with 40% discount happening at the moment, it makes a good deal. And you got more products since Mary Lou is only 8.5g. Both are beautiful, depends on your style.

Thank you for reading..

Shop My Stash 11 March 2016

Heeeyyyhoo.. I'm back with the Second ShopMyStash.. My First ShopMyStash was on late January (read here) and I haven't change items since then. The progress is very good on some items, but some others not showing good progress, even few things were untouched. Therefore this time I reduce the number of items from 25 to 20. Two items from previous stash has been finished (Dior Nude Air and Chanel Beaute des Cils), 16 items are kept for current stash and 4 new items being added to the list.

16 items from previous stash are kept because I want to finish most of them as soon as possible. They are either old stuff or my least favorite. Here they are:

1. Make Up Forever Aqua Cream #16. I almost never touched it last month, but since my Naked showing some pan already, maybe I should start working on it again.

2. ABH Dipbrow Pomade Ebony. A little goes a long way. But I'm sure we can see a bit progress here. Just a bit!

3. Bobbi Brown Gel Liner Denim Ink. It was hitting pan on Feb 27th.

4. Benefit Dandelion Mini. It is quite nice on my cheek so I'm enjoying it.

5. Coty Airspun Powder. I'm using it as setting powder. It is good for baking technique too.

6. The Balm Mary Lou Manizer. I tried to repress it yesterday, It's so annoying because the powder is going everywhere. I haven't used it again because I'm reviewing Gerard Cosmetics Star Powders today.

7. Clinique Fresh Bloom. It cracked last week so I couldn't bring it to travel.

8. Guerlain Kiss Kiss Rouge Kiss Mini. 

9. Tom Ford Twist of Fate. A LOT of progress here. It is now gone much further than the embossing.

10. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil. The dent is a bit deeper than last time.

11. Urban Decay Naked Palette. Three pans in two weeks! Half Baked on March 1st, Smog on March 3rd, and Sidecar on March 10th. Half Baked and Smog are getting bigger, but Sidecar still difficult to be captured in photo. 

12. Clinique Duo Like Mink. I don't know.. Lol

13. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. I think it is going near the end, maybe just another month.

14. Burberry Fresh Glow in Nude Radiance. Instant Glow is a must! Maybe less than 20% left.

15. Dior It Lash Blue.

16. YSL Touche Eclat Pen.

4 new items, all lippies!

17. Sleek Matte Me Birthday Suit

18. Too Faced Melted Ruby

19. Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry Kiss (reviewed here)

20. Givenchy Le Rouge Rose Dressing 

Hope to show you some progress next time. Thank you for reading! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Beauty Picks : Mom's Birthday Dinner

March 2nd is my Mom's Birthday.. She didn't want any party, but how could we, the children, not even come, kiss and wish her personally? Then, we decided to throw a humble dinner for her.

I choose make up I want to wear since early morning because I need to prepare few things for the dinner. I didn't want to be late because of the beauty picks matter. 

If you are my follower, you would know that I'm doing Shop My Stash and did post about this on the end of January. (Want to know more? Read it here). I haven't changed any item since that day. I still feel comfortable using each of them and enjoy the progress I made. So basically that Shop My Stash #1 is still running.

But for this special dinner, I escape completely from Shop My Stash.. I mean that I wear the completely different make up items. My criteria of dinner's make up : foolproof, longlasting, favorite, and looks elegant. In simple words, they are among the best of my collection and all of them are very recommended..

Here they are:

Face : 
- Diorskin Star Foundation no 22. It is good enough without primer, medium coverage, and longlasting. This is one of my favorite foundation of lifetime.
- Gucci Luxe Finishing Powder (reviewed here). Good oil control and good enough for setting, eventhough they say it is a finishing powder.
- Guerlain Meteorites Rainbow (reviewed here). For that extra glow, Guerlain is the bomb!

- Chantecaille 15 years Anniversary Palette (reviewed here). To balance the bold Gucci Sunset.
- Gucci Duo Sunset (reviewed here). One of my favorite texture, color, quality ever.
- Marc Jacobs Gel Liner in Blacquer. Not in a mood for liquid eyeliner, so here's the best option. It is soft and longlasting.

Cheek : 
- Hourglass Diffused Heat. (review here). Pretty and longlasting. No more saying.
- Tomford Moodlight (reviewed here). Natural glow and just because it is Tom Ford.. Lol..

Lips : 
- Cle De Peau Extra Rich Lipstick 311. (reviewed here). My most favorite lipstick formula.
- Dior Brillant 999 (reviewed here). Nice combo with CDP 311 and perfect for touch up. 

Fragrance :
Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom

Do you like my picks? Most of them are already reviewed and the rest will be up soon. I will update the link once I finish them all. Hope this help if you want to buy any of items above if they are still being sold. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Diffused Heat

Hourglass Ambient Blush is quite well known in the beauty world. Of course I don't want to be left behind. I have to own at least one of them and I have bought this long time ago but not showing some love until this few last months. 

The packaging is compact and travel friendly. Only it is difficult to look dirt-free and catches fingerprints easily because it is a reflective case kind of type. See reflection of my fingers and handpalm there? The design is simple with only a 'Hourglass' printed a bit aside of the lid, the typical Hourglass packaging. 

It contains of 4.2grams of blush powder. I thought it is a 6grams or whatsoever, it looks bigger than it should be.

What the biggest factor that makes me spend money on this one? Of course the beautiful marble pattern. Each shade has different kind of pattern and I love this Diffused Heat pattern the most. In a second I was contemplating because it reminds me to baked-blush, I was kind of afraid it would have the same result (because I'm not into baked products). In the end, my curiousity won.

The color turn up to be a beautiful pink blush and slightly peach when it is blended well. I thought it was more coral when I ordered, that's why I didn't give much love due that dissapointment. But until recently I use it again and I start to enjoy it.

A fluffy brush and light hand are needed when picking up the products because it is so pigmented. It is a bit powdery when picked up so I need to be more gentle to it. While it is powdery on pan, there is no fall out at application and blends quickly and beautifully to skin. It is also buildable to a level you desire.

The shimmer is well balanced and it's not like a baked blush at all.. It is way softer than that. The best thing is the lasting power. I didn't give much attention before because of that not-coral-but-pink point. But when I did a proper review last month, I found that it last for 8 hours! (I never wear longer than that). 

Even when I was sweating so much yesterday at my mom's birthday dinner and repeatedly wipe the sweat over and over, it last more than 6 hours. I applied at 3pm and reached home at 9pm and it still there, I mean still in very good condition before I erased my make up. How good is that..

Overall, I'm so impressed. I really like this blush and think I should share with you.. I plan to buy some more after I get rid off (read: finish) some least favorite blushers..

Thank you for reading..

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cle De Peau Extra Rich Lipstick 311

Finally after almost half a year, I have a gut to swatch this lipstick.. If you ask me what lipstick is number 1 in my favorite list, the answer is Cle De Peau Extra Rich Lipstick (till today). I'm falling in love at the first swatch in counter last October. I was going to buy more than one, but I was on budget that time so I ended up with shade number 311.

If you are a Japanese make up fans, you will not confuse when case and refill sold separately. From eyeshadow to lipstick, this is so normal. I have ever read a comment in online shopping website that made smile. Someone bought a blusher but not reading carefully that case is not included and complained about that. She wrote why the description is not clear and she is so dissapointed to receive a 'half product'. In fact, the description is actually so clear. From here I just know that few people are not familiar with this kind of packaging. Some Cle de Peau products' case and refill are also sold separately, so please read carefully when you are going to purchase online. 

When you look at my collection, you will know that packaging and embossing are my weakness. Sadly the CDP case is so expensive that I choose to buy only the refill. The lipstick refill packaging is only a simple tube with white hard plastic as a lid. A basic refill packaging and nothing special about it. But it is sturdy enough to protect the product, so I'm happy about it. At least without case, it is cheaper than Tom Ford so I could afford it. Lol..

The product itself is in the shape of diamond and veryyyyy pretty and looks so elegant. The Cle de Peau logo is embossed in the front side of the lipstick.

The shade no 311 is one of their bestseller and before the BA told me that, I already reach the tester and swatch in the back of my hand. I swatch few more colors and admire them but the winner is still 311.

In the picture above, the two left swatch on my hand are Extra Rich Lipstick. The left one is 311. Two on the right are Lip Luminizer. Sorry I only remember 311 and forget about the other shades number.

The texture is so smooth and velvety and it glides easily on my lips. It is not too matte and not glossy, but somewhere between satiny and velvety finish. When I applied on my lips, it feels comfortable and rich. It is also one of the most opaque and pigmented lipstick I've ever tried. It hides my lips imperfection and creates the gorgeous finish that made me 'wow' as soon as I applied it. This last for 6 hours before fading and not drying at all..

I redo the swatch this morning since the lighting on the first swatch is not nice and does not reflect the true color. This kind of red (with a hint of orange) make my face brighter and teeth whiter.. Lol..

The lip swatch was taken at the counter. Do you notice that I wear different shades on my top and bottom lips. The top is 311 and the bottom is 310. I didn't bought 310, but it is definitely my second option and I WILL bring it home next time, 310 is more orange than 311. I topped both of them with Lip Gloss Glow 01 and it looks glossier, sparkler and fuller.

I really really really love love love this 311. Sorry if you think I'm too much. But really, this is my number one on my favorite lipstick list. Do you have any Cle De Peau product? What do you think?

Thank you for reading..