Thursday, June 30, 2016

Make Up Forever Mist & Fix

In the need of longlasting make up but you already have a lot that you don't want to buy anymore? Instead of buying new make up, maybe you want to invest your money in this Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix. 

According to the site, this spray is a lightweight, non-sticky secret weapon for longer lasting makeup, Mist & Fix creates a sweat-proof, rub-resistant barrier for fresh-looking makeup that lasts up to 12 hours. It increases hydration for a silky, smooth appearance and won't dry skin out. This product is formulated with a complex to boost oxygenation and deliver a healthy-looking, radiant glow. 

Seems promising right? But does it work magical like what they say? Hmm, let's see..

It comes in 2 sizes: 4.22oz and 1.01oz. Mine is 4.22 oz which is slightly taller than the MAC Fix+ bottle. The 1.01oz is perfect for travelling. The bottle is made from sturdy plastic with spray. I need to make sure to keep the distance of an arm when I spray because it is not as mild as I wish.

I usually use it as a setting spray. After my sunscreen, I will spray 2-3 times and proceed with primer (if needed), foundation and so on. It does help make up stay longer by 2-3 hours, especially foundation. It also helps foundation to blend better than without using Mist & Fix.

I don't feel my skin hydrated enough or glowing enough with only this product. I still need my moisturizer or my illuminating primer for bomb effect. But it is also not drying on my normal combination skin.

When I need intense color of eyeshadow, this also could help. By wetting my brush, it instantly makes eyeshadow to be more pigmented, less fall out and easily blended. Look at the picture of the comparison below. Left side is using brush without Mist & Fix, right side is with Mist & Fix.

Overall, Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix is a good investment for you. However, it is not that good for a finishing spray. Just so you know.. 😊

Thank you for reading..

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner Black Ink and Denim Ink

Oldie but goldie.. Yes Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner is one of my favorite eyeliner of all time. I use it for few years and I still love it till today. Who doesn't know this baby who won many award since its first appearance? Then you missed out something good.

It is a pot eyeliner so basically you need to use brush for application. From the color range, I choose the classic Black Ink and the gorgeous Denim Ink. While the best seller Black Ink is matte and suitable for all occasion, Denim Ink creates more glamourous look for night time and party since it contains glitter.

The texture is creamy and I love its easy application. For those who have normal to dry eyelids, it is quite longstaying eventhough not 100% smudgeproof and waterproof. But for those who have oily lids better to apply primer beforehand. It last for 6-7 hours indoor and 4-5 hours outdoor. I definitely need waterproof eye make up remover to remove it completely in the end of the day.

For any pot cream product, better to use it in 1-2 years or the texture will become harder and application will be more difficult. Below is my picture using Denim Ink (that is already 3 years old!)