Monday, July 11, 2016

The Original Make Up Eraser

Another holiday preparation for me! Make Up Eraser sounds magic. How is it possible to erase my entire make up including my waterproof make up with just water? I was a bit sceptical about it. 

They claims that it contains no chemicals and survive 1000 washes. All you need is warm water. Oohh laa laa.. Thanks to my friend, she got me one on Sephora Sale few months ago.

The size is bigger than make up wipes, maybe 2x or 3x larger and of course thicker. It is 7inches wide x 16inches long. But it definitely saves you a lot of space in your luggage if you are travelling for long time. Let's say in my case I'm going for 40+ days. I love to wipe my make up in the middle of the day too. And mostly I need two sheets of make up wipes each time I use foundation. In total need 6-8 packs of wipes! And here I need only one piece. Don't we have a winner already?

Maybe you think that I could bring only 2-3 packs of wipes and repurchase in the middle of our trip. Maybe you are right. But in my case, I'm doing half-backpacking trip and I have tight schedule. I choose to spend extra time to sit and relax in the middle of townhall with sandwich on my hand than to walk through a drugstore looking for my favorite make up wipes. Going back to personal, that's not my option. Lol..

Another reason why I choose this cloth over make up wipes is about saving cost for buying wipes. This single cloth cost me just $20 (please convert if you are using other currency) in normal price (I'm saving 20% on sale) and it survives 1000 washes. I wash it after 3 times of uses, so it will last me 3000 uses. How much your make up wipes cost you? I'm sure with the cheapest wipes available on market, this cloth still cheaper than that.

I have other reason that might be not a concern for some people. This is an ecofriendly option compared to makeupremover+cottonpad or dispossable make up wipes. Might be more ecofriendly than some cleansing oil too, depends on the ingredients, because it claims containing no chemical.

The packaging is simple, just a transparent hard plastic for the box. There is instruction card inside every box. The cloth itself is wrapped in a sealed plastic packaging to keep it hygienic.

The cloth is okay for me and I don't have problem using it during these two weeks. It is not super soft so for you who have sensitive skin, I suggest to run a test first whether it hurts your skin or not. 

Does it works?? Yes, it works fine for me. We are supposed to use warm water for maximum result, but I was running a test using room temperature water because I don't know if I could always find warm water during my trip. For your information, in this test I'm using long wearing products that needs thorough (double) cleansing. I will share the products later in my beauty packing list post. I also made a video that I will post in my instagram (@deavalence)

Most of my make up is being cleansed. My eyebrow gel, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, and most of powder, foundation and cheek products have gone. But to show you how much make up left, I was using Bioderma Sensibio. 

The result is not too bad considering the make up products I'm using and instead of warm water I'm using room temperature water. Last time (with almost same make up products with this one), I was using make up wipes, and I need triple cleanse before the make up gone completely.

Now we are at the end of the post and I should make judgement about the product.

Do I love it? Yes, I quite like it.

Is it useful for travelling? Yes, very useful.

Worth the price? Yes for me.

Do I mind not buying make up wipes and move to this product? I already moved 😉

Any complaint? That I have to wash after using it. I am a lazy girl 😂

Will I use it at home? Maybe. So far I'm loving cleansing oil more than this cloth. But who knows!

That's my honest opinion about this Original Make Up Eraser and I hope that this is helpful. Thank you for reading.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Zebra Large Z-Palette

Ever heard of Z-Palette? It is customizable magnetic empty palette where you can put all make up that you depotted or to store your single eyeshadow or blush or bronzer or highlighter or everything. It basically for any pans that you have.

It comes in several size (you can look at them here). Mine is the size Large and quite big to store almost everything I need for travelling. The window is magnetic flip and transparent so you can easily look at what's inside. The window is also foldable completely at the bottom portion while using it. The material is sturdy and not so heavy so it is travel friendly.

There is magnetic board inside where you stick all pans that you want to store in the Z-palette. It works well with all metal pans. The magnet is not that strong until you can hardly move the pan after you stick them, but it is also not too weak, the pans stay in place until you want to move or remove by yourself. For non magnetic pan, the magnet stickers are already included. Stick to the back of your  non magnetic pan and you're alright.

Honestly I'm not the one who love depotting my make up. I'm also not the one who like to buy single pan make up (refill). At least I still don't have passion toward that direction, maybe I will in future, we don't know. But currently if I buy single pan make up, they will be inside their own case. I'm sucker for packaging, everybody know that. I adore their case and the embossing (if any). And the thought of depotting them and possibility of breaking and cracking just killing me.

I have one other Z-Palette in size Small. It have appeared on my past post about project pan (read here). I feel not really like to use it at that time. First is about how I don't like depotting and the packaging stuff. Second, I don't have many refill pans so I have nothing could be store there. Third, I rarely going on travelling, so I don't really need this palette. I was only depotting non-high end products because of some reason.

But now everything has changed since I'm going on long holiday in 6 days. You know that make up junkie like me would like to bring everything include my vanity table if only that's possible. And for 42 days trip, can you imagine how many I would like to bring? And of course I need trustworthy products for travelling. I don't care about high end or non high end as long as they are long lasting, minimum transfer and suit any occassion. That's why Z-Palette is crucial!

Let's find out what I have done so far:

I put almost all decorative inside my Z-Palette with exception of eyebrow cream, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick.. It means my Z-Palette is carrying my eyeshadows (some are double agent as highlighter/bronzer/blush/eyebrow powder), the real blusher and bronzer, correcting, highlighting, and contouring powder.

What are they? Where are they come from?

1. Naked Palette (12 pans)

I depotted all of them. Since my Naked Palette is all about neutral, I don't hesitate to bring them all. I will always find a way to maximize the use of it. As bonus, many of them act as double agent like I said above.

I love to combine (or use one of them, alone) Virgin and Sin as highlighter. I can use Buck as bronzer/contour powder. Buck and Creep are also good as eyebrow powder.

2. Shade Girly and Totally Fetch from Too Faced Everything Nice

For colorful and funky eye looks. I need few colorful eyeshadow too, in case neutral is too boring.. It's summer baby!!

3. Menard Jupier Trio

Another colorful set. I need to use this, really. This color combination is difficult for me, but with a limited choice while travelling, there's no other option than using it anyway. Maybe finally I fall in love with this. After all I still have space left and I don't want to depot anything else from my collection.

4. NARS Blush Orgasm

The thing that I'm afraid of was really happened! It was breaking in depotting process. My heart's sunk.

I need to repress it using alcohol. At least now I don't have a choice but to put it on Z-Palette and forgeting choosing another to depot. (Actually I made 2 other blushes cracking too while depotting, but when realizing the sign, I stop depotting them and leave them on the pan. This Orgasm is the worst of all, because I accidentally knocked the picking tools to the center of the powder and baaammmm, it just scattered all around. It was totally an accident)

5. Snow Bunny and Chocolate Soleil from Too Faced Beauty Wishes and Sweet Kisses

I loveeee Snow Bunny effect.. And Choco Soleil make a great bronzer and contour too..

6. Shade Tomato Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow from my trio Artist Palette

Another colorful eyeshadow. The pan is big enough for me to use it as blusher too. Multitasker! Just need to remember to blend well because it is super pigmented. And it is also very long lasting.

7. Shade Banana and Vanilla from Anastasia Contour Kit

I use them as correcting for undereyes. They works nice.

Look at how much space I have saved with Z-Palette. Only one palette contains almost everything I need for travelling. Without Z-Palette, I should bring : these!! Thanks Z-Palette for existing..

Well then, now I'm ready to travel 😊 Thank you for reading.

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