Friday, October 14, 2016

Marc Jacobs Highliner

Eyeliner is the product I use since I was in highschool. That time I use only face powder, eyeliner and lip balm. And I never limit myself to only wearing black color. I love colorful eyeliner too.

I always search for good eyeliner that last whole day because I sweat easily, therefore I prefer using liquid liner to pencil liner. That's before I become make up junkie. Now when my eyes opened to lots of brand, there are lots of options out there.

The Marc Jacobs Skyliner is a limited edition set of 7 deluxe size Highliners. This set is not available anymore on the store, but I feel like sharing the swatch and my love for them. Who knows you are searching for new eyeliner options, you can go to the counter and swatch and see if you like.

I also have two full size Highliner below. The quality of the eyeliner is really good. It is so soft and buttery but after set on my skin it last whole day. Sadly I don't really like the packaging, looks sleek, pretty and space saving but I don't feel it is functional. I don't know, can't describe but I'm just not a fan of the packaging.

So that's my short opinion about these Highliners by Marc Jacobs. Thank you for reading.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Herborist Body Butter

Have you heard about Herborist before? It is local Indonesian beauty product produced by Victoria Care Indonesia. Click HERE to learn more.

One of Herborist line is body butter. There are few variants like papaya, avocado, mango, banana, and the newest one I got are Matcha Milk and Strawberry Sorbet.

The packaging is a plastic tube containing 80g of product. Each variant has different job. The Matcha Milk is for deep moisturizing and preventing wrinkles while the Strawberry Sorbet is for deep moisturizing and brighten the skin. Both are enriched with sunscreen and whitening extract.

It smells so yummy! I like the matcha more than the strawberry one. I think the matcha is so unique. Honestly I don't like sweet scent on body products so I don't really like Strawberry Sorbet scent. It last for 4 hours on me.

The texture is not like body butter but more to body cream. The good side is that I can wear it in the morning without feeling too sticky and greasy. The down side is that it cannot be used for intensive treatment for me. Short words, in term of moisture this is better than body lotion but not as intense as how the body butter should be.

I have really bad skin condition at the heels for my whole life. After a week there is no significant healing happened. But it works for the normal to slightly dry skin. I don't know about the whitening or tightening or whatsoever, I never expect the result will be visible in only a week time. I need more time for testing it. Maybe I will update on Instagram if there is something happened after a while.

Thank you for reading 😙

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tarte Holiday 2014 Pin Up Girl vs 2016 Color Wheel

Who can resist Tarte Holiday this year? I definitely need to get this Color Wheel for sure. So as soon as it was available for presale, I asked my friend in Singapore to get it for me.

I can't do detail review about it due to my hectic schedule so I can't try them one by one on my cheeks, but I will share swatches of them and also comparison to the 2014 edition.

I passed on last year edition because I personally think they are identical. Not totally same but you get what I mean. I also passed on the four-shades blush palette. As you can see that 2014 still in the 99℅ condition, any normal person will agree that I don't need another blush palette. 

But this 2016 palette consist of 10 deluxe shades in super affordable price! How good is that! If you don't believe me, you can check the single blush price at Sephora and I'm sure you will say that this is an awesome deal.

Plus Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes is one of the best blushes out there. It lasts whole day! Really I'm not kidding and I'm not the only one saying that. The quality is one of the best and this brand is cruelty and paraben free. It's even gluten free. I love Tarte! See the ingredients and details in the back of the box.

If the 2014 (and 2015) edition is 5-shades of blushes in rectangular shape placed side by side, the 2016 edition is a 10 shades wheel. When you open it, there are 5 shades in each side. 

The 2014 (which called Pin Up Girl because it includes 2 vintage hair pins) has 4.5g / 0.158oz x 5 shades net wieghts, while the 2016 (Color Wheel) has 2.4g / 0.084oz x 10. In my opinion, because of the color range the 2016 edition has better value than previous edition.

The 2014 case is so pretty but it is so bulky that I find it difficult to store. The 2016 case is more compact and not taking so much space. The 2014 has huge mirror but 2016 does not.

The other different thing is the name of each shade. The Pin Up Girl has the shade names printed on the plastic that covering the products, so when you want to use the product, you will take out the plastic and the name will not be seen on the palette (I don't know if this is important for you). The Color Wheel has the name printed on the case near each shade. The plastic attached to the case, I believe you can take it out if you want to but I prefer this way. I think the plastic will protect the product from the fall out of other shades in the same palette. 

This 2016 plastic is thick so it does not affect me when I want to use the blushes. The 2014 plastic is so thin that I feel annoyed anytime I open and close because it won't sit properly when I put it back. It sometimes slips out from the case too.

I don't have any complaints about the quality of the products on 2014 Pin Up Girl and when I swatch the 2016 I feel the same way. It is even just slightly more buttery than the Pin Up Girl because of course it is new, it is normal. I'm glad I found out that after two years passed, the quality of the blushes is still very good.

There it is, the comparison of Pin Up Girl and Color Wheel. There is no regret buying them even for a cent. And I want to say thank you to my husband for lending me his arm, mine can't fit that many shades in one picture. Lol.

Thank you for reading lovelies. Have a good day.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Sephora Mono Eyeshadow : 21, 99, 102, 103

Which one do you like better, a palette or a mono eyeshadow? Me loving a palette more than mono or duo. Yes, even if I don't use all shades in the palette, I still love them because of the value they provide. But, sometimes I pick mono when I don't have that particular shades in my collection.

Let's talk about this Sephora Mono Eyeshadows. Originally I did not buy these for myself, but then I changed my mind when I realize I still didn't have those shades. (I gave my friends lipsticks instead).

The packaging is a sturdy plastic in black color with transparent lid. Each contains of 0.07oz of product. 

I picked no 103 Star Crossed Lovers, 102 Supernova, 99 Planet Earth, 21 Space Odyssey (swatch from left to right). I dislike the quality of the eyeshadows. They are too powdery, too much fall out and not pigmented. I mean for the price I can find better quality from other product. Top is without primer, bottom is with primer.

As you can see, primer makes them a lot better. They are way more pigmented and less fall out. They are not super easy to blend but can work. With primer they are buildable, but without primer it is not possible because they won't stick to my skin.

Special note is for Space Odyssey, the color is showing when you use primer. If other shades just adding the pigmentation and opacity with primer, Space Odyssey also popping the gorgeous color. It is totally different shades from the pan too. 

They last for 3.5 hours without primer and 6-7 hours with primer depends on the shade.

The formula is not my favorite, but I'm loving Planet Earth and Supernova shade. I think I still can use them, of course with primer. What about other shades of Sephora mono? Have you guys tried some?

Thank you for reading.

Emina Cheeklit Sugarcane

Hi again, how are you today? Hope your day is better than mine. I have to finish a lot of things recently. Right now, I'm taking a break in the middle of my work, sipping coffee and decide to share another Emina product from my friend before continuing my endless to do list. 

This is my first Emina Cheeklit which is a blusher. I don't really know the general quality of the products because I never tried the complete range by myself. 

The packaging is so small, it is even smaller than Clinique Cheek Pop. It contains 3.5g of products. Not as much as other brand which is usually a minimum of 4g, but I don't mind since I have a lot of blusher and I will never finish all of them. The case is transparent, so basically you can see the color inside. And because it is very small it becomes really travel-friendly. 

The first time I saw it I think that the color is too pale for my skin tone and too flat because it is matte (update: there is golden shimmer but not too visible). But then when I applied it, the color blends beautifully and create a gorgeous natural color and perfect for daily looks. I'm happy my friend pick this color because I never think this color will be very nice before.

The texture is a bit powdery but I don't find it troubling me much. It is also not creating skin problem even after I'm wearing it a week in a row. This last for 5 hours when I don't wear foundation and up to 6.5 hours when I use over a good primer and foundation. But I do not suggest to wear for outdoor and sweaty day, it will not last long. And be careful because without good base, it could melt on super hot days.

Overall, it is a very good choice for that price tag. I think I'm gonna pick few more shades later.

Thank you for reading.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Missha Line Friends: Eyeshadow Palette Cony

Line friends! Why korean cosmetic companies launch products with cute packaging like this? I can't resist! I'm not a big fan of Line. I'm not familiar with Missha products too. But I want to have this.

I don't have many pink eyeshadows. And that third shade just made me bought it. I even did not care about the other shade when I asked my friend to buy it when she went to Korea. I was contemplating between the Brown Palette or Cony Palette, then I realized I need some pink in my life. Too drama! Lol.

The case is sturdy plastic and in pink color. Not too big and not heavy so it is travel friendly. Include dual sided applicator inside but I still prefer using my own brush.

I did not realize that only one shade is matte and the other three are all very shimmery. I mean it is really shimmery. Surprisingly when I swatch them I love all the shimmery shades and don't think that the matte will be useful for me.

The matte shade with Cony embossing is very lack of pigmentation and not too visible on my skintone, so I decide to not using it again after this review to mantain the shape.

The shimmery shades are okay, not too pigmented but with the help of primer and little bit of effort, everything is fine. On the other side, because it is not super pigmented, it is easy to build and blend. It did fall out a bit, so better to finish eye make up before foundation. It lasts for 4 hours without primer and 6 hours with primer.

I love love love the color on me. It is so sweet and perfect for dating and romantic event. Lol.

Thank you for reading.

September Haul : Althea

I can't hold myself. I can't stop hauling. Just four items from Althea this time. I know I can't review them one by one soon, so I just want to share what's inside the package. 

The box is the original pink box. It is sturdy enough to protect the products inside and they also wrap each item with bubble wrap. So far I always receive the package in perfect condition. No late arrival this time so I'm very happy with the service.

The first product is Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder. I heard many good things about this, so when the limited edition come out, I decided to get it. Yes it is bigger than the original size. Can't wait to try and share my thought.

Second item is April Skin Magic Snow Cushion. This is also very fenomenal and I'm so curious. 

Third is Guerisson 9 Complex. I'm loving the packaging! Looks so lux. Hope it is as good as expected.

The last one is B&Soap Apate Black. This is the first time I saw this product and I feel it is very attracting.

Sadly my skin has not recovered perfectly so I'm kind of afraid of trying new product. So I will review more about decorative than base products temporarily.

Thank you for reading and wishing you a nice day.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Emina Beauty Bliss BB Cream

Latety I feel something about basic make up. I don't know why recently I'm really attracted to foundation, bb cream, cc cream and such. 80% of my haul is about that kind of thing.

This Emina BB Cream is a gift from friend few months ago. This friend loves korean and local Indonesian products and she recommends this to me. While I'm new to local products, I'm so excited to try it and hope it as good as international brands.

It is quite small and the price is really affordable even for students (please refer to the counter). Consist of 20ml of products, the tube is cute, travel friendly and lightweight. 

Sadly the packaging is not holding the product well. The liquid is too runny so I hope Emina is going to either fix the texture or change the packaging type.

The color is honestly too pink and too light for my skintone. The coverage is light and actually it is pretty comfortable for daily use and has dewy finish which I like. It is a mixture of moisturizer, primer, antioxidant and foundation and contains vitamin C and E. It does not cover my pimples or dark spots, but it did brighten my skin and moisturize it well. It does not make my pores more visible nor clogging it. I don't have any problem wearing it for a week in a row.

Without primer it lasts for 5 hours, with primer the longetivity extended by 1-2 hours before starting to fade. It is better using good setting powder to prevent creasing and melting. Below picture is the finish look using Emina Beauty Bliss. 

After all this is a good alternative for daily use. Thank you for reading.